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LTC Review - FAQ

The Ardens LTC Reports are located under Clinical Reporting - Arden's Ltd - LTC Reviews.

We have split the reports into 9 Sections and this article will be explaining the content for each of these sections.

01 Register | Diagnosis

These reports show the list of patients in each of the different areas such as the Legacy reports, QOF and Best Practice and QOF only.  The reports labelled 'All' will give you the count of patients that will require work throughout the year.

Each report is broken down for the different Best Practice and QOF areas.

01 Register | Diagnosis Group

These reports show QOF diagnosis in groups of patients that just have only the condition that is highlighted in the report.

01 Register | Diagnosis Not Included

These 2 reports contain patients that are not included in the diagnosis reports, but may require a review; such as patients that are on the LD register under the age of 14y and patients that have an Asthma diagnosis, but haven't had any inhalers issued in the last year.

01 Register | Group recall month

These reports will give you a bigger picture of who will be invited throughout the year, depending on the option that you have chosen such as Legacy, QOF and Best Practice or QOF Only. This could be useful for evaluating capacity for each month of the year. These reports will show you all patients that will be invited and therefore removing the exceptions such as LD, Dementia, Housebound, EoL or coded as deceased.  

These reports might also be useful if you wanted to change patients invite month such as changing moving all March patients to a different month.  Please see our Sending LTC Invitations guide for more information on how to do this.

Please Note: These reports are used as reference only and not to be used as the invite list.  These can be found in the 04 booking section.

02 Register Exclusions | EOL

These reports are looking at End of Life patients that haven't been reviewed in either the last 4 months or since 1st April for the different invitation groups. 

03 Prebooking Assessment

This report can be used to contact patients that just have Epilepsy and no other Best Practice or QOF conditions and can be used to decide whether they require an annual review for the year.  If this is not necessary then we suggest you add the 'chronic disease - default from follow-up' (6619.) code to the patients record, which will in turn remove the patient from the invitation list for this year.

We have also created an Epilepsy Questionnaire, which could be sent in bulk and completed by each of these patients.  For more information on how to send these, click on our Pre-assessment Questionnaires Support Article.

04 Booking

This section is used to invite patients for their LTC review based on the patients month of birth.  Depending on which invitation process you have decided as a practice, you can use the applicable reports to bulk send their invitation along with read coding LTC the invitation and separate reports to add the relevant QOF invitation codes. 

Please see the Sending LTC Invitations guide for the full information on using the invite reports. Below is explanation of certain booking folders. 

04 Booking | Age Under 16

These reports show patients under the age of 16 that have QOF + Best Practice conditions or QOF only.  Patients under the age of 16 are excluded from the 1st Invitation reports and these reports could be used to manage recalls for these separately.

04 Booking | Blood Tests Required

These reports are useful if you wanted to know how many patients would require bloods to be taken.  These can be run on the relevant month so that you can either set up the blood request form before an appointment or make to arrange for the patient to have blood done offsite.

04 Booking | Pre-assessment Questionnaire chasing

These reports will allow you to chase up any patients that may have received one of the Ardens questionnaires and not completed them.

04 Booking | Visits for care home or housebound

These reports are looking for patients that may require visits that are either care home or housebound patients as these patients will not be included in the invite lists as they wouldn't be coming into the surgery for their appointments.

04 QOF invite Code Reports

Please see our Changes to the LTC QOF Invitation Codes Support Article 'for more details.

05 Follow up review 

These reports will show you which patients have had their initial LTC completed, but haven't had the Annual LTC Review completed code added.

These reports are useful so you get an understanding of who may require further appointments or which patients have had work completed, but the Annual LTC Review code hasn't been added.

You could also use these reports as a notes review for patients who are well-managed in their long-term condition (i.e.: normal/expected test results, well-controlled on their current medication etc). A clinician could look over the record and mark the LTC as completed, once happy all work has been completed rather than booking additional appointments.  For more information on this, please see our Review LTC article.

06 Interim Review

The Ardens LTC Booking reports will only cover patients that require an annual review completed so any patients that you may wish to see more regularly will not appear in these reports.  However, the Interim review reports will give you a list of patients that have certain conditions where more regular checks are needed, such as 6 monthly HbA1c for diabetics, that you may want to see more regularly.  

If any clinicians wish to invite other patients more regularly, we would suggest that you either use the SystmOne Recall process or use the scheduled task option.  Each of these options are available within any Ardens LTC template and can be accessed by clicking on the follow up template button.

07 Missed Work

These reports are useful to find patients that still have outstanding work to be completed; especially for patients that have been in the corresponding reports for over 3 months.  This will give you the opportunity to catch up on patients that may have been missed over the year.

The invitation reports are split between over 16y and under 16y.

08 Activity

These reports are split between last month and last year.  They are really useful especially if you wish to keep up to date on events occurring within your LTC Process. These will show you all the invites sent in the last month along with patients that have had any of the 2 declined codes (default from follow up and declined invitation) added to their records along with reviews completed as a total and broken down by QOF conditions.  This information is also available for the last year as well.

Set up

Please see our set up guide for more information.

Year of Care

Please see our year of care support article for more information.

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