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Exempting Patients

If a patient does not respond to 3 invites or declines a review you can exempt them from QOF. It is advised that this is done near the end of the financial year and that a comment is recorded to justify the exemption.

To identify these patients, go to;

Clinical Reporting > Ardens > LTC Reviews > For Exemptions

When you open the patient's record, just click on the QOF Alert Action on the home screen to add the appropriate exemption codes. Please make sure you have set up the QOF Alert Actions so they open the appropriate Ardens QOF template.

On the patient home screen you should see any outstanding QOF alerts, like this Diabetes example below.

Clicking on the action link should open the relevant  QOF template and you can see below, outlined in red, individual indicator exceptions or the bottom option is a high level register exception code. You will see the same exception coding setup for all other QOF disease register templates

Alternatively, from the Diabetes Consultation template click on the QOF symbolat the bottom right of the template to open the template above.

Lastly, if you are working from the Long Term Conditions template you can right click on any of the entries and select 'Action' to take you to the relevant template.