Last review date 03/02/2023

We have included a page on our Future Care Planning template to assist practices that have chosen to adopt the NHS Year of Care process. 

The Future Care Planning template can be easily accessed from within our existing Long Term Condition Review template; from both the Initial Review & Tests and the main review pages, highlighted below.

It can also be launched from the patient demographic box by clicking on this icon  

The Initial Review & Tests page of our Long Term Condition Review template will indicate to the health care professional which tests are required according to the conditions the patient has, and/or which medications they may be taking.
Support article - LTC Initial review and tests

Following the patient's initial review appointment and when all the results have been received, clicking on the button highlighted below will launch a condition-appropriate 'Preparing for Care Planning' letter for the patient that can be sent to them before their main review appointment.  It will include their latest blood test results and, if the patient is diabetic, details of their latest foot check and retinal screening results.

During the appointment, the clinician can complete the 'Care and support planning conversation' section of the template, above, in conjunction with the holistic review with the patient alongside the answers the patient has given in the 'Preparing for Care Planning' document they bring with them.

Year of Care Reports

Our Year of Care reports can be found in Clinical Reporting> Arden's Ltd > LTC Reviews > Year of Care