Last review date 27/06/2023

National Contracts Disclaimer

We are still in the process of updating the full suite of NCD resources for 2024-25. Please see the IIF 24/25 guide for resources produced so far. 

NCD 2023-24

Ardens can support practices and PCNs with the delivery of the Network Contract DES (NCD) in many ways.  

The NCD DES dashboard is also available on Ardens Manager for all Ardens Manager National Contract subscribers. 

1. Templates

The PCN DES template hosts all the code clusters alongside links to any corresponding more detailed templates. Access the main template by going to 'Auto-Consultation > Contracts > NCD PCN DES'.  You can make it even quicker to access the template by adding it to your F12 favourites


Codes linked to payment/IIF indicators are highlighted with a blue star and £sdfsdf 
Codes linked to management/service requirement indicators are highlighted with a blue star 

2. Reports 

Disclaimer: The Ardens National Contract Reports (including QOF, NCD, SMI, NHS HC) are to be used purely as an indicative guide for practices for practical purposes. They are not intended to replace the national reports. Whilst they are based on the business rules, they do not accurately reflect every rule.

All NCD clinical reports can be found under 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | 2023 24 | NCD'.

2.1 IIF

These folders support the IIF requirements and are broken down into IIF and IIF work to do

a IIF - Will show IIF activity achieved

Please note the following-

Cancer - Final achievement for the IIF Cancer indicator is based on activity count (number of Lower GI 2WW referrals with a FIT test recorded in the 21 days before the referral) rather than patient count (patients may have multiple referrals recorded in the year). It is not possible to set the percentage column in clinical reporting to show a percentage of activity count therefore the percentage shown will not be an accurate calculation to work from (The percentage shown is the percentage of patients in the report against your whole practice capitation).

Access - The IIF access indicator (ACC-08 - Percentage of appointments where time from booking to appointment was two weeks or less) is based on GPAD data so we are unable to build any reports in SystmOne to assist with this. It is therefore really important you ensure your local SystmOne slots types have all been mapped to the correct national category slot types - Further information on the national slot types including examples can be found here (Page 7).

ACC-08 includes slot types mapped to any of the following 8 national category slot types (Further specific information on ACC-08 can be found here)

  • General Consultation Acute
  • General Consultation Routine
  • Unplanned Clinical Activity
  • Clinical Triage
  • Walk-in
  • Home Visit
  • Care Home Visit
  • Care Related Encounter but does not fit into any other category

To check your slot mapping in SystmOne go to Setup > Appointments > Slot Types

You can then check which National Category Slot Type has been mapped to your local SystmOne slot types (including any that havent been mapped at all)

To add/amend the mapped National Slot Type select the required slot and click Amend Slot Type.

You can then select the required National Slot Type needed from the National Slot Type Category drop down.

Systmone have now introduced the ability to 'exception report' appointments mapped to 4 of the 8 national categories included in the ACC-08 indicator if you are booking the appointment more than 14 calendar days in the future. The 4 national categories that can be exception reported are: 

  • General Consultation Routine
  • Home Visit
  • Care Home Visit
  • Care Related Encounter but does not fit into any other category 

When you are booking an appointment that meets the criteria above you will now have the ability to record an exception reason.

The exception reasons available are -

  • Patient preferred an Appointment on a future date or at a specific time 
  • Clinician requested follow-up Appointment after providing care or advice 
  • Patient preferred an Appointment with a specific clinician or Practice User
  • Patient preferred an Appointment in a specific location

Please note the following from SystmOne -  NHS England have advised that PCN performance for 23/24 will continue to be measured through the existing ACC-08 indicator. At this stage, Exception Reporting is being introduced for testing and data development only and will have no affect on ACC-08 achievement payments. 

If you are an Ardens Manager National Contract Subscriber you can log in here to view the Network Contract DES Dashboard which includes your GPAD data or you can log in to the National GPAD Dashboard here.

b IIF Work to do - Will show outstanding IIF work to do


2.2 Service Requirements (no specific targets)

The folders c to l support the different service requirements included in the Network Contract DES (where we are able to provide reports). 

c Other Work to Do - Will show all outstanding work to do for the service requirement reports

d to l - Will show work done for the service requirements split into the different areas (Cancer, Capacity and Access, Care Homes, CVD, Inequalities, Other, Prescribing, Vaccinations and Workforce). These are generally based on work done in the last 12 months (rolling period) and not limited to only work done between 1st April 2023 and 31st March 2024. 

m End of financial year - Will show work done for the service requirements based on work done between 1st April 2023 and 31st March 2024. 

Please note the following -

There are only end of financial year reports where required so not all service requirement reports found in the folders d-l will have an equivalent end of financial year report.

Some of these reports will return the same number as the equivalent service requirement report found in the folders d-l. For example Inequalities | Autism - Register and EOFY | Inequalities | Autism - Register will return the same numbers as they are only register reports.

Some of these reports will return 0 patients until later in the fiscal year. For example, EOFY | Drug Monitoring | On methotrexate + FBC done in L3M + age >=18y will only return patients who have had a FBC between 1st Jan 2024 and 31st March 2024. 

n Data Quality - Will show patients who have potential incorrect or missing codes/smartcard roles covering both the IIF and service requirement reports.

o Denominators - Will show all the denominator reports used for both the IIF and service requirement reports.

Please note the following- 

Workforce - The workforce reports all look at smartcard roles rather than 'seen by' SNOMED codes. It is therefore important you check staff have the correct smartcard role for their ARRS role.

The following table lists each ARRS role and the Smartcard roles that are included in the business rules - 


S1/Smartcard Role

Care Co-ordinator

Care Co-Ordinators

Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacist Advanced Practitioner

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

Pre-reg Pharmacist



Dietitian Advanced Practitioner

Dietitian Consultant

Dietitian Manager

Dietitian Specialist Practitioner

Student Dietitian


First Contact Physiotherapist

First Contact Physiotherapists


Physiotherapist Consultant

Physiotherapist Manager

Physiotherapist Specialist Practitioner

Student Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Advanced Practitioner

Health and Wellbeing coaches

Health and Wellbeing coaches

Mental Health Practitioner

Mental Health Practitioners

Nursing Associate

Nursing Associate

Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist Advanced Practitioner

Occupational Therapist Consultant

Occupational Therapist Manager

Occupational Therapy Specialist Practitioner

Occupational Therapy Team Manager

Student Occupational Therapist




Paramedic Advanced Practitioner

Paramedic Consultant

Paramedic Manager

Paramedic Specialist Practitioner

Pharmacy Technician


Pharmacy Technician

Medical Technical Officer - Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technicians

Physician Associate


Physician Associates

Associate Practitioner

Associate Practitioner - General Practitioner

GP Associate




Chiropodist/Podiatrist Advanced Practitioner



Chiropodist/Podiatrist Manager

Chiropodist/Podiatrist Specialist Practitioner

Student Chiropodist

Chiropodist/Podiatrist Consultant

Social Prescribing Link worker

Social Prescribing Link worker

Trainee Nursing Associate

Trainee Nursing Associates


 This also links to the QOF QI indicator (QI018 - The contractor has participated in network activity to review the samrt cards of all staff employed under the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)) which is worth 6 QOF points.

3. Additional Support Articles

The following support articles provide further information about supporting resources on Ardens:

4. Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)


The following roles can all be supported by Ardens:


These individual templates can be found via 'Auto-Consultation > ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS