The Pharmacist Template can be located in 'Auto-consultation > ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS > Pharmacist - Clinical Pharmacist' 

Note: If you regularly use the Pharmacist template, it may be useful to add this to your F12 Favourites for quick access.  

Also, there is a video at the bottom of the article if you prefer to watch the guidance instead of read through. 


  • Management Limited - use this if you are struggling to do what you normally would with your patient, because of COVID
  • Seen - this is part of the PCN DES (Which is indicated by the blue star).  Ensure this is ticked to received the income
  • Encounter, 3rd party, reason & referred by - these are read codes to add the relevant information 
  • Buttons - Consultation, Discharge Review, Frailty & Over 75's Health Check  - please use these to add further clinical information to the record within these specific areas
  • Allergies - record medication sensitivities and allergies by read code
  • Vitals & Lifestyle - add height, weight BMI, BP etc
  • Phlebotomy -view medication alerts, previous blood results and access ICE/TQUEST


  • Plan -  use the presets button to add predefined text, or type your own
  • Medication Review, SMR & Drug Review -  code that a medication review & SMR have been done.  Alternatively, use the Drug Review template to do this and to action other areas of the drug review.  
  • Action, cost savings and social prescribing - use read codes to record relevant information & social prescribing referral information 
  • Buttons


  • View a list of, and record advice given on OTC meds.  Print or email a self-care leaflet.      
  • Prescribe using Ardens Formularies, Acute prescribing and add repeat medication.
  • Access all drug monitoring templates, record a polypharmacy monitoring review and access all scored assessments i.e. HASBLED, GASS etc    
  • Record the patient as pay for or having free prescriptions, or make a referral using the Communications button

  • Open the Ardens Follow-up template 
  • Send a SystmOne Task
  • Open the Ardens Drug Review template
  • Record a SystmOne acute prescription 
  • Electronically send/sign a prescription
  • View referrals in/out and view letters in/out

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There is a one-hour web session on all of the Ardens Pharmacist resources available to watch: