Also see: Residential Institute RI Codes

There are several ways to locate the Care Home Residents template:

1. Auto-Consultation> ardens GENERAL> Care Home Residents

2. If the appropriate read code has been added to the patients record, the following icon will show in the demographics box click the icon to open the template.

Please Note - The blue stars indicate there is income related to a National Enhanced Service for this field.  The yellow stars indicate the income relate to a Local Enhanced Service.  

Care Home - Status

The overview tab will allow you to complete drop down boxes to record the Residence and PCSP codes of the patient along with a link to the separate PCSP template.   Visits, MDT review, and Ward Round tabs can also be accessed from this screen.

The 'view' or window at the bottom of the template shows information that is currently missing which you may want to consider adding. Below this is any relevant coding previously recorded in the patients record including Safeguarding, DNACPR status, Special Notes & Key Messages, Treatment Escalation Plan, Sharing, Care Plans etc.  

Personalised Care & Support Plan PCSP Template

Clicking on the PCSP read code indicated with the blue star, will allow you to update the patients record with the relevant code as as part of the NCD contract. 

Selecting the PCSP Icon next to the PCSP Read Code will take you into the PCSP template.  Within this template you will be able to complete both the PCSP Assessment and Plan.

The Assessment section allows you to record any Delirium, Falls Risk and a Psychosocial assessment again highlighted with a blue star.  To the right of these codes are the relevant scored assessments, templates and documents if required.

Use other coding & links as appropriate for Frailty Status, Memory, Mobility, Nutrition etc.

There are also some numeric fields for you to capture any vitals taken at the time - including BP, Pulse, Weight, Height etc. You can also click in to these boxes to view historical data in the yellow pane at the right side of the template.

The Plan tab allows you to record both the Treatment Escalation & Special Note at the top of the template if required. Please note - a list of presets dedicated to each of the codes are accessible by clicking on the preset shortcut button as highlighted in red on the template.  You can hold down the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard to select multiple lines of text from the presets if required.

Advanced Care Plan information can be added including the advanced directive codes, capacity to give consent, preferred place of care and death and any EoL QOF codes.  Coding the resus status and printing an auto populated DNACPR Form and ReSPECT form can also be completed from here.

The About Me section will allow you to record additional details on the patient and can be accessed by clicking on the About Me icon on the right of the free text box.

The template contains a list of questions following the latest guidance released by PRSB.  The About Me questions are now included in the Care Plan that will auto-populate in Word.  This can be accessed at the bottom of the Plan tab on the PCSP template. 

Initial Visit, Review Visit and Acute Visit Tab

Back in the Care Home template, the Initial, Review and Acute Visit tabs will allow you to record any information gathered from a patient visit. Relevant assessment or review codes for either initial, review or acute visit can also be inputted by selecting the top read code on each of the tabs.  Please note the yellow stars indicate income related to Local Enhanced Services.

MDT Review Tab

This tab will enable you to record details of any MDT reviews.  Clicking in to any section will display previously recorded information in the yellow panel on the right-hand side of the template.  This allows you to review and add at each MDT review.  

Ward Round

Ward Round information can now be record in the Ward Round tab.  Attendees and the consolation can be recorded in the tab along with a link to the Consultation template.  For more information on how to use the Consultation template please click here.

Clinical Reports

Clinical Reports for Care Home activity can be found under:

Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Conditions | Frailty and End of Life

Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | 2023 24 | NCD DES