The Podiatry template can be found under Auto Consultation - ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS - Podiatry.

Alternatively add this template onto your F12 favourites for quick access.

The Podiatry template is split into 3 sections: Presentation, Impression and Management.

Presentation -  The blue star indicates that there is income from an enhanced service related to this field. This section allows the end user to document the patients history and examination. To the right of the background box there is a  button that allows the end user to add free text notes from a list of presets as detailed below.

This allows the end user to select any of the options from the presets rather than having to type.

The Examination, vitals, doppler and Phelbotomy all have shortcuts to further templates to complete additional information.

Impression -  These provide the end user drop down notes with applicable read codes for Nail, Toe and Foot.

Management - The Plan option also has a  button containing a list of presets for the plan.  There are also a bunch of read code drop down boxes detailing codes for the management of their feet along with options to code referrals, follow up and advice.

Drawing Tab

There is a medical drawing tab which can be used to mark areas of concern.  Click the coloured squares (top square for left click, bottom for right click) and draw using the mouse.

To create a key/label click the coloured square, click edit legend and type the key label into the box.