The Pharmacy Technician template can be found under Auto-Consultation - ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS - Pharmacy Technician.

Note: If you regularly use the Pharmacy Technician template it may be useful to add this to your F12 Favourites for quick access.

This template is split into 2 sections; Assessment and Management.

Assessment - The blue star 'Seen by Pharmacy Technician' indicates that there is income from an enhanced service related to this field.  

This section has drop down boxes for the Type of contact, review done pharmacy technician and two drop down boxes to record the Reasons for the patient contact. There is also a useful shortcut to a protocol called Medication Safety Protocol  that can be run to determine if the patient has any outstanding medication alerts on their record.

Management - This has two action dropdown boxes to record the Actions completed in the patients record.  There are also dropdown boxes to record Cost Savings, Appointment, Clinician and Patient Informed tick boxes, shortcuts to Medication, Drug Monitoring and Phlebotomy templates as well as a shortcut to the drug review template as well as Vitals & Lifestyle, the recording of Allergies template.

At the bottom of the template is a list of all the medication that the patient is on, with an option to right click on any of the drugs to re-prescribe, as well as a list of any medication alerts that is relevant to the patient.