Any immunisation template can be accessed by:

Auto-consultation > ardens IMMS and INJECTIONS or by adding it to F12

There is also an 'Immunisations' dashboard template which you can add to F12 to access any template quickly at any time:

The following illustrates the Childhood Imms template and the Travel template 

1. Recording Childhood Immunisations

Select the required template i.e. Childhood Imms, Travel, Influenza etc

1.1 How to use the Childhood Imms template 

View - any allergies or adverse reactions, and previous vaccination history

Select the appropriate age for the vaccinations either by clicking the tab along the top or the ages listed down the left-hand side

Fit for immunisations - tick this box to confirm the child was well and could have the immunistion.  Note: use the pencil icon to add some notes against this 

Not fit for imms - make a note on why the child is not fit for imms today.  

Missed appointmentview missed appointment history, record and manage risk

Consent - record consent, type what type of consent into the pencil-icon (e.g. verbal) or use the consent form to scan signed consent back into the record 

Advice - record advice has been given, write the advice into the pencil icon and tick to say Rotavirus advice has been given

Bravery certificatesprint a certificate for a child to take home and colour 

Leaflet - tick if an information leaflet has been given.  Note there is a leaflet link that will open the NHS What to expect after vaccinations leaflet

Feeding - code if feeding has been discussed or the child is weaning etc 

Given under PGD/PSD - record if the vaccination has been given under PGD or PSD

Follow-up discussed - press this button to book a follow up appointment or add a recall date for the next appointment 

Seen with - this is to record the person that accompanies the child.  This information will display down the right hand side of the template each time it is used.  Note this information will show on the General Consultation template and information recorded there will also show when using this one.  

Record the vaccinations - the vaccinations due, that have not yet been given can be recorded as administered by pressing the buttons 

1.2 Unscheduled tab

Manage any incomplete courses a child may have had

2. Recording Travel Immunisations

2.1 Consultation tab

Use this tab to record travel consultation information.  This can be done over the phone whilst others input the details of the travel questionnaire:

Patient form -  print a blank version of the patient questionniare for them to complete by hand.  Access long term illness questionnaires e.g. Asthma Control test and view incoming and outgoing correspondence

Destination, Dates & Duration etc - free text this information or use the presets button to add existing phrases.  Tip to add multiple presets hold the CTRL key and select presets with the left-mouse click 

Advice and Information

Use the tickboxes to record quickly what advice has been given.  Add notes using the pencil icon.  Record if information has been sourced from websites which can be accessed using the links provided. 

Immunisations and Malaria

Code advice given to have immunisations or malaria medication.  Use the links to jump into the appropriate tabs. 

Travel record and travel leaflet 

Tick to record that each have been issued and print a travel record, fear of flying letter or travel leaflets from here.  

2.2 Immunisations tab

Read code each vaccination to create a record of what is currently covered, or has been recommended 

Administer vaccinations - select the branded name of the vaccination being administered to add it to the record 

Details - use the blue panel at the bottom of the page to record fitness, print a bravery certificate, record imms advice, view or add a PSD, record given under PSD or PGD, that relevant vaccinations have been ordered and that a fee has been paid

3.3 Malaria tab

Record recommendations and advice given

Prescriptions - issue prescriptions for Malaria from here 

3. Resources tab

The resources tab contains telephone numbers and web links for information