If you are administering pertussis to a women who is pregnant, make sure you change the reason to ‘Pregnancy’ – see below. This will ensure that they are picked up correctly by the payment reports. 

You can also create a local 'Vaccination Template'  which can be accessed directly from the 'Pregnancy Imms' template. This must be called 'Pertussis Vaccination' (please note that the wording + spelling must be identical to this) and you can then pre-set the reason to Pregnancy.  Once this is in place, clicking on the 'Template Pertussis Vaccination' button will open that specific vaccination template so that you can very quickly record it.

A report has been setup to capture where the reason is not set to 'Pregnancy' and payments would be missed. This can be found in Clinical Reporting > Ardens Ltd > Missed Income > Pertussis > ?Add 'Pregnancy' reason to pertussis vaccination as women 16-50y + no reason for vaccination recorded in last 1y

This report could be run monthly / quarterly to audit activity and ensure payment. 


Data Concerns

Some practices try to compare data extracted to CQRS and ImmForm but these are two very different sets of data

The data is extracted by two different sets of TPP reports.

Reports on how many pregnant ladies were vaccinated in the last last month.

Imm form 

Reports on pregnancies that were delivered in the last month and how many of those ladies were vaccinated, irrespective of when.