Last review date 03/02/2023

Vaccinations should be recorded using the inbuilt SystmOne Vaccination functionality, not SNOMED-CT codes. This allows important additional information to be recorded in the background, for example read codes, consent, batch numbers, expiry dates & GMS status.

One common myth is that you will not get paid if you don't use the SNOMED-CT code as well. This is not true and if you just use the inbuilt SystmOne Vaccination functionality you will get paid by CQRS. This is because the SNOMED-CT code automatically gets added in the background. You can also see that there is a code attached to a vaccination by going to Setup > Vaccinations > Available Vaccinations screen.

You should not use SNOMED-CT codes as well as the inbuilt SystmOne Vaccination functionality as this can create duplicate entries within the patient record. This can also cause problems when a patient moves practices and their records are transferred via GP2GP. 

Historically, practices have sometimes previously been requested to use read codes for payment purposes. If any practice feels that this will cause problems please contact us directly

Recording Vaccinations

Click the relevant vaccination button.
Click the 'Influenza Refusal' button.
Given by other
Click the 'Given by Other' button.
(* Choose how to record it - as a vaccination or a read code)
If Vaccination - Then click 'Event Details' and amend 'Event done by' and 'Location' or use an event details template
This is the only time when using a read code is appropriate.
To find these SNOMED-CT codes, click on the 'Contraindication' drop down box.

* Recording vaccinations 'Given by Other'

From the main template above, when you click on the 'Given by Other' button, this window will appear.  The recommended approach is to record vaccination but this gives practices the flexibility to record a read code instead.