To identify patients who may be eligible for the shingles vaccinations, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Invitations | Vaccinations > For 1st Invitations > ?For Shingles. These reports have been split out so that you can send invitations out by email, SMS or post.

Due to the complexity of the contraindications for the Shingles Vaccinations, patients will appear on this report even if they have a potential contraindication. This is checked on the template instead - see 'Check Contraindications below.

When you open up a patient's record who may be eligible for the Shingles Vaccination, you will see thisicon under their name. Click this to open the Shingles template.

On here is a 'Check Contraindications' button to check the patient's record for any potential contraindications, such as immunosuppression. This will then show either of the pop-up messages below. On here are links for further information about the contraindications from The Green Book and RNHRD.

For reports to identify cohorts, eligibility, reviews, invitations and activity, go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Vaccinations > Shingles