The eligible groups for the COVID-19 Spring Booster are as follows:

This includes those who turn 75 years old by 30 June 2024. These people will be eligible for a vaccination at any point in the campaign. People who are admitted to an older adult care home or become immunosuppressed by 30 June are also eligible.

Visits to older adult care homes and eligible housebound patients should begin 15 April 2024. For all other eligible cohorts, vaccinations should start by 22 April 2024 and end on 30 June 2024.

Click here for more detailed guidance from NHS England about the Spring 2024 Covid Vaccination programme. 

1. Patient Status Alert

There is a patient status alert to indicate eligibility for a COVID-19 vaccination. Eligible patients will have this icon under their name and clicking on this will open the COVID Vaccination template.  

- Consider COVID-19 Vaccination: Spring 2024

2. Vaccination Template

The COVID-19 vaccination template has the following; 

  • A view to show vaccination eligibility and previous vaccination history
  • An assessment questionnaire
  • An electronic PSD and paper PSD
  • Data entry options to record codes including invitations, contraindications, refusals and consent
  • A resources page with links to various useful websites

The assessment questionnaire can also be completed by patients themselves on either Airmid or SystmOnline. 

To configure this for Airmid, go to 'Setup > Data Entry > Questionnaires'. Find the 'COVID-19 Vaccination Assessment Questionnaire'. Then right-click and copy this questionnaire, click ok and then right-click > publish to 'Patient Apps User' group. This will then appear as a survey for the patient to complete.

3. Clinical Reports - Spring 2024

All of the COVID vaccination reports can be found by going to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Vaccinations'.

3.1 Clinical Reports - Review Before  

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > C19 I Spring 2024 I 01 Review before'.

It is not possible to accurately report on some elements of the Green book criteria (such as steroid dose) so these reports can be used to review potential patients who are not currently being included as eligible but could be. They also include other reports to ensure coding in patient records is up to date and accurate.

We recommend practices review this folder prior to sending any COVID vaccine invitations to ensure patients are appearing in the correct cohort, eligible and invitation lists. The title of each report will make it clear the information that needs to be checked.

Once initially reviewed, we then suggest monitoring this folder periodically through out the campaign. 

3.2 Clinical Reports - Cohorts

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Vaccinations > C19 I Spring 2024 | 02 Cohorts'

The cohort reports will show patients who match the requirements of the latest guidance. The cohort numbers will not reduce when vaccinations are given and have no exclusions applied to them, for example, patients who decline the vaccine will remain in the cohort reports. These reports should therefore not be used for invitations.

3.3 Clinical Reports - Eligible

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > C19 I Spring 2024 | 03 Eligible'

These reports are based on the cohort reports but have exclusions applied to them, such as, removing patients who have declined having a vaccine. They will also remove patients once they have had a vaccine recorded. Here you will find a useful breakdown of all of your eligible patients by age group etc. These patients will have had their last dose more than 3 months ago and will include patients who are housebound which are excluded from the invitation reports. The eligible reports should not be used for invitations.

3.4 Clinical Reports - Invitations

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > C19 I Spring 2024 | 04 Invitation'

These reports are based on the eligible reports and will reduce in numbers as invites are sent and vaccinations are given/declined. The invitation reports are broken down into 1st, 2nd and 3rd invites as well as by ages to allow you to invite under and over 16 year olds separately if needed (These reports will count any invites sent after 1st March 2024).

3.5 Clinical Reports - Visits

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > C19 I Spring 2024 | 05 Visits'

Here you will see reports for care home and housebound patients to help you identify who can have the vaccination from the 15th April.

3.6 Clinical Reports - Activity

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > C19 I Spring 2024 I 06 Activity All'

Here you will see a selection of activity reports for COVID Spring vaccinations including those who have declined or are contraindicated.

3.7 Clinical Reports - Data Quality

Go to 'Reporting > Clinical Reporting > Ardens >  Vaccinations > C19 I Spring 2024 I 07 Data Quality'. 

Here is a useful search to identify any patients who may have been inviting in using the unmapped SNOMED code of 'Y35c3'.

Foot Note
The COVID-19 vaccination resources have all now been published in accordance with the latest NHS England guidance, the JCVI Guidance and the Green Book

Following the changes to MHRA Guidance, patients with a history of anaphylaxis or an anaphylactoid reaction, or patients who have had an adrenaline auto-injector issued ever were originally excluded from the eligibility and invitation reports but are now included. Further reporting changes will be made should the guidance change. However, there is still a report to identify these patients under 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Vaccinations > C19 I Spring 2024 I 01 Review before > For review before ordering and invitations | ?Eligible but review as anaphylaxis or anaphylactoid reaction or adrenaline autoinjector issued'.