This article is designed for any Prison staff using Ardens for the first time or for anyone that wants a quick refresh of the resources available.  

SystmOne and Ardens Overview

If you are new to SystmOne or need a refresh on how things work and want to incorporate this with Ardens, please click on our New Starter Guide to Ardens and SystmOne as it will give you advice on what the different icons mean, how to use the Auto - Consultations and F12 along with a brief guide on how to complete template and what the starred icons mean.

Please Note: The Red Starred QOF Codes will be the most relevant for you to use within the Prison Environment.

GP and ANP Resources

Please click on the following link to view a useful Consultation video for GP and ANP Consultation video.  Please note some of the options in the video such as prescribing and referral templates may not be applicable within your organisation.

Nurse and HCA Resources

Please click on the following link to view a useful Nurses and HCA Video.  Please note we also have some useful resources detailing Prison NHS Health Checks along with some other useful Ardens Prison Templates, please see below.

Other templates that might also be useful to use are:

Wound Management

Minor Injuries


Drug Injections

Ear Irrigation



Common Infections

Learning Disability


Pulses, ankle, brachial pressure index

If you are interested in using a Month of Birth process for your Long Term Condition reviews within your organisation, please click on our LTC Review support article. Although this is designed for GP surgery workflows, some of the processes may be useful for the prison environment.

Ardens HMP Prison Specific Templates

Please see our HMP Prison Templates Support Article for more information covering the templates in the above screenshot.

Reception and Admin Resources

Although not all of the options within Reception and Admin template maybe applicable for a prison environment, please see attached a guide to our Reception and Admin support article.