Last review date 03/02/2023

1. Safeguarding Access Rights

If an event is marked ‘Safeguarding Relevant’ only staff with safeguarding access rights will see it.

To add/view access rights, go to Setup > Users & Policy > Staff & Organisation Setup > Amend Staff > Access Rights. Please note - These are not Smart Card Access rights and will have to be manually changed on all staff you wish to view information or add Safeguarding relevant information on a patients recordSee Privacy Settings for further details.

2. Alerts

There are different Patient Status Alerts that might appear on either an adults or childs record, the list of these are below and how you can either add or remove them.

Adult (over 18):

Safeguarding - Adult - Coded as concern or SystmOne safeguarding information exists

To add this alert to a patient they must have the Adult Safeguarding Concern (XaXP4) code added to their notes without a more recent code of Adult no longer Safeguarding concern (766601000000109).  Both of these codes can be found on the Adult Safeguarding template below.  The patient will also be added to this report if they have any information recorded in the SystmOne Safeguarding Information node (Please see section 4 below).

 Safeguarding - Adult - Coded as at risk or vulnerable (but no concerns)

To code a patient is at risk choose either Vulnerable adult (417430008) or Vulnerable adult Care Plan (735330008), if the Adult no longer vulnerable (758951000000106) is added then the patient status alert will be removed.  Also for a patient to be in this report they wouldn't have the adult safeguarding concern code added. 

Child (under 18):

Safeguarding - Child - Coded as concern or protection plan or SystmOne safeguarding information exists

To add the above alert to a Childs record there are 3 different ways in which they could be added to the alert.

Safeguarding concern

If the 'Child is cause for safeguarding concern' (8361931000000105) has been added to the patients record without a more recent code of 'Child no longer a safeguarding concern' (810771000000107) as below on the child safeguarding template:

Coded as on Protection Plan

Using Child on protection register (160887007), Child protection plan (1064311000000109), Child protection register (229054004) and Subject to child protection plan (342191000000101). Also Child Protection Category (802251000000109) and any SNOMED codes within the hierarchy).  These codes can be found in the template in the screenshot below.

SystmOne Safeguarding Information


A child will also be added to this alert by recording any information in the SystmOne 'Safeguarding Information' node (See section 4 for further details)

Safeguarding - Child - Coded as at risk or in need (but no concern or protection plan)

To code as 'At Risk'

To code a child as at risk the 'Child at risk' (160877008), 'Child on at risk register' (224354005) will add them to this alert as detailed in the template below and also 'At risk of child sexual exploitation' (71656009) and 'At risk of child abuse' (704659007).  Adding the 'Child no longer vulnerable' (247661000000106) code will remove them from this part of the report.

To code as 'Child in Need'

In addition to the above, if a patient has the 'Child in need' (135891007), or 'Child in need plan' (326071000000101) code as detailed below or 'Subject of child in need plan' (836931000000102) the alert will be be triggered and can eventually be removed with a more recent addition of the 'Child no longer in need' (135890008) code.

If the child is coded as being a concern or on a protection plan the alert will not show.

Unborn Child:

Safeguarding - Unborn Child - Coded as concern or on protection plan

Any record that has had the 'Unborn child subject to child protection plan' (818901000000100) or 'unborn child is cause for safeguarding concern (878111000000109) codes added to their record in the last year will have the above alert. 

These icons will show under a patients name:
1. If the patient is a registered patient or if just a temporary patient (eg in OOH)
2. If you have or do not have ‘Safeguarding Access Rights’

3. Templates

Click the icon to access the template, or go to Auto consultation > ardens SAFEGUARDING. You can also access the templates by searching for them in the bottom left of SystmOne. 

Click ‘Change Privacy’ if you wish staff only with access rights to view this entry. See Privacy Settings for further details.

4. SystmOne 'Safeguarding Information' 

Some organisations record information here as well, so it is important to know that it exists so that you don’t miss any information that is recorded on a patient’s record.

To view this, click the ‘Safeguarding Information’ node in your clinical tree (you may need to add this to your tree and you’ll need access rights too).  You can record information here directly from the above template by clicking the ‘Record Safeguarding’ button.


As data entered into the 'Safeguarding Information' node is not coded data it will not be visible to the patient online so there is no requirement to mark the event as 'Do not show in the online record'

5. Reports

There are numerous reports, including alerts, case finders and registers. These can be accessed by going to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Safeguarding

The Case Finder reports are really useful as they can be used as an aid to see if things are being done on patients records. Reports such as ?Child safeguarding as safeguarding information on SystmOne but not coded and the same in the Adult sub folder as this can help you find patients that have had safeguarding information added to the record but the record hasn't been coded to reflect this.

1. The reports identify patients using SNOMED codes. Sometimes safeguarding information may have been recorded using just the SystmOne Safeguarding Functionality (see above) without a read code. The highlighted report above identifies these patients. Run this report and if appropriate add the relevant read code so they show on the other reports.

2. When running a clinical report, if the SNOMED codes you are reporting on have been recorded in a consultation marked as Safeguarding Relevant, the way in which SystmOne have designed their reporting system the corresponding patient will not be returned in the report (irrespective of whether you have been granted the safeguarding access right(s) or not). SystmOne now prompts you of this when marking an entry as safeguarding relevant - 

For further information about this on SystmOne, go to System > Development Requests and search for reference code: 73520000.