Get staff to watch the video as part of their training / induction. Keep a record of this too in your CQC documents.

1. Safeguarding Access Rights

If an event is marked ‘Safeguarding Relevant’ only staff with access rights will see it.

To add/view access rights, go to Setup > Users & Policy > Staff & Organisation Setup > Amend Staff > Access Rights. See Privacy Settings for further details too.

2. Alerts

= On Protection Plan or Vulnerable

= Concern, Previous or Possible Concern, Family Member Concern, Previous Plan or Previously Vulnerable


These icons will show under a patients name:
1. If the patient is a registered patient or if just a temporary patient (eg in OOH)
2. If you have or do not have ‘Safeguarding Access Rights’

3. Templates

Click the icon to access the template, or go to auto consultations > ardens General.
Click ‘Change Privacy’ if you wish staff only with access rights to view this entry.
See Privacy Settings for further details.

4. SystmOne Safeguarding Functionality

You do not necessarily need to use this functionality and can just use the template above to record information. Some people/organisations record information here though, so it is important to know that it exists so that you don’t miss anything information that is recorded here on a patient’s record.

To view this, click the ‘Safeguarding Information’ node in your clinical tree (you may need to add this to your tree and you’ll need access rights too).  You can record information here directly from the above template by clicking the ‘Record Safeguarding’ button.


5. Reports For Meetings

These reports can be used to identify patients at your MDT meetings.

Go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Meetings > Safeguarding.


IMPORTANT: The reports identify patients using read codes. Sometimes safeguarding information may have been recorded using just the SystmOne Safeguarding Functionality (see above) without a read code. The highlighted report above identifies these patients. Run this report and if appropriate add the relevant read code so they show on the other reports.