Last review date 03/02/2023

Last review date 11/11/2022 

The Phlebotomy template can be easily accessed by clinicians from the consultation templates, the LTC conditions template and all other templates that may either require bloods to be completed or bloods results to be checked.  Admin staff can also access this within the Reception and Admin template.

The template is split between different sections: Referral, Request, Tests, Interpretation, Follow up consent and Results.

Each of these sections either have drop down options to add a code or a shortcut to other relevant templates or resources.

Referral - Along this line you are able to use the drop down box to select the appropriate phlebotomy referral code if applicable.  There are also shortcuts to electronic Pathology if you are linked through the practice and also a new task shortcut and a link to our follow up template

Request - The 'Request' free text field can be used to record any requested tests. This 'blood test requested' free text field is on other templates too. This can save clinician time by avoiding the need to record the tests directly on ICE/tQuest (this is dependent upon the phlebotomist being able to do this).  Using the preset button next to the << CLICK text allows you to quickly complete the request box if required.

Tests - If requests are recorded at the practice, the 'Phlebotomy Test' template can be used to record the applicable blood test taken code along with seeing what bloods are required for the patient. they will see any requested blood tests in the view at the bottom.  Along the Tests line there are also shortcuts to the Point Of Care Test template, a generic blood form, a link to LabelTrace if activated at the practice and the SystmOne Print Labels screen if a label has been created on SystmOne through SystmOne's Form Maintenance screen.

Follow-up Consent - This line contains a drop down box to code the patients consent codes along with a link to our Contact Details template.

Results - This line contains a drop down box for Lab Result codes if these are being passed onto the patient along with a link to the View Results page on your local Electronic Pathology site. There is also a tick box to state that box test has been printed as this doesn't occur in SystmOne when any bloods are printed from the Pathology node.  We have also created a Print Results word document that will printout al the patients bloods and can be amended by the end user at point of creating. Once Save Final Version has been selected this will be saved under Communications and Letters in the patients record as evidence that this has been produced for the patient.

View - Underneath this section is a view of the current patients bloods information with a list of overdue work at the top if applicable with a view of unachieved bloods, recent blood results along with filing comments when opened and a tabular view of the patients bloods broken down by the different blood areas.

This can therefore be used as a one stop template to either refer, request and view pathology results and is useful for either clinical or admin staff within the practice.

When clicking on the Phlebotomy Test shortcut button the below template appears.  For more detail on this template, please refer to our Phlebotomy Test Support Article for more details.