Last review date 03/02/2023

If you are new to SystmOne this guide will help you navigate SystmOne using the Ardens resources available to you.  

We will cover how to navigate a patient record and a recap on the terminology used within SystmOne.  We will also show you how to navigate the Ardens resources on SystmOne including creating your own F12 favourites and at the bottom of the guide you will also find links to our videos explaining our templates and resources in more detail.

Please note: The below video is not intended as a full overview of the Ardens templates, but to show you how to find them on Day 1 of using Ardens. For more in-depth videos, please see the links at the bottom of this article.

SystmOne Terminology

Ardens Resources can be accessed by either clicking on a Patient Status Alert, selecting Auto Consultation and choosing a template from the content list or creating a shortcut using the F12 Favourites functionality.

To learn more about customising your tool bar or clinical tree, please see the Customising your tool bar and the Customising Your Clinical Tree  Support Article.

Patient Status Alerts

Clicking on one of the Patient Status Alert icons will take you to a relevant Ardens template linked to the patient.  These icons will represent the patients LTC conditions, relevant medication alerts and also some admin alerts detailing required work to do or relevant codes recorded on the patients record.  Tip: If you hover over any of the alerts it will present a tooltip explaining what the alert is linked to.  

Some alerts appear on all patients and will be linked to a template such as the Consultation icon, Telephone Consultation, Long Term Condition Review and Local Referral Letter Template - Please Note:  The Local Referral Letter Template icon is only available if you have signed up for the Pro version of Ardens.

Below is a list of some of the useful Patient Status Alerts:

Click to start a ConsultationDiabetes
Record a Telephone ConsultationAsthma
Long Term Condition ReviewCKD
Local Referral Letter Template (if applicable)COPD
Drug Requires Monitoring TemplateDepression
Future Care PlanningEnd of life - Palliative Care
Consider applicable vaccinationLearning Disability
Drug Review RequiredObesity
Contraception issued in last yearHyperthyroidism
SafeguardingHeart Failure
Patient PregnantCardiovascular Disease High Risk
Cancer DiagnosisAtrial Fibrillation
Violent and Threatening BehaviourMental Health
Patient PregnantCoronavirus COVID 19 - Screening


Auto Consultation

Below is a list of all the options within the Auto Consultation list.  Hovering over any of the below options would open up a list of options within the folder.  

Doctors and ANPS - The CONDITIONS folders will be useful for things such as 6-8 Week Baby Checks, Death Documentation, Menopause and Safeguarding along with newly diagnosing patients with LTCs or other specific conditions.  The PROCEDURES AND CONSENT FORMS folder contains templates such as Smears, Injections and Aspirations, Minor Surgery, Implants etc.  

Nurses and HCAs-  In addition to the above a nurses and HCAs would also find the IMMS and INJECTIONS folder useful along with the NURSES and HCAS option for any Procedures templates such as Wound Management, Smears, Contraception, ECG and NHS Health Checks. 

Other Professionals -  The OTHER PROFESSIONALS folder will have templates for other roles in the Practice such as Pharmacists, Social Prescribers, Physiotherapists, Care Navigators and Admin Resources.

F12 Launcher Functionality

To add templates to your F12 Launcher list, click on F12 on the keyboard.  On the right-hand side of the screen, there is a search option, type in the name of the template you wish to add to your list. Tip - Make sure that you only have templates selected in the tick box underneath search.  Please see below:

Tip - When you have created your favourites, make sure you close SystmOne down formally by using the X at the top right-hand side of the system so they are available for future sessions at that Unit.

Using an Ardens Template

All Ardens Templates are designed in a similar way and as you can see on the above example, here are some useful things to look out for:

Tabs - Click on any tab to take you to different pages within the template such as Home, Diagnosis, Review Assessment and Review Plan above.

Stars - The different Stars are linked to payment codes and you will see 3 different colours:

QOF Codes
Local Enhanced Services Codes (If applicable)
National Payment Codes

Codes - Adding codes to a patients record can be done in different ways within a template through drop-down boxes selecting the relevant code, tick boxes to add a code, typing in a free text box and numeric codes by typing in the numeric in the box

Previous Entries - If you wish to see previous codes added on a patients record, click into this code and they will be displayed on the right-hand side.  Please see above the example of the patients BP.

Links to other templates -  SystmOne templates allows you to imbed other templates so you can go through a full patient workflow.  As you can see above in so you can do additional work on a patient easily.  The example above has many shortcuts built in such as a link to a Foot template if additional work was required on the patient feet.

Letters - Ardens has also created letter shortcuts within a template. For example, in each LTC template there is a shortcut to create a care plan for a patient, which will mail merge patient details into the document.  Our localised referral letter templates also have mail-merged letter shortcuts to write help write your local referral letters.  For more information please click on our Local Referral Forms support guide.

Please note: When using a letter within a template, to bring through the mail merges linked your current template consultation, make sure you either click OK or Suspend the template to allow the data to be added to the journal and then reopen the template again to create the letter.

Saving the record

When you have finished using a template click OK at the bottom of the template and this will add the notes to the patients Journal (for more information on Amending Journal Entries, please see the support article) . If you wanted to Navigate through templates and the Clinical Tree please see our Viewing patient notes while using a template support article.

When you have left the template and no further work is required, click the Save button on the tool bar.  Please note: The Discard button should only be used if you have viewed a record and have no notes to add to the journal, or you have entered notes into the wrong patient. 

Please note: If you are having any screen resolution issues, please see our Template Size & Layout support article.

For more information on specific roles, please click on the following:

Nurses & HCAsPractice ManagersReception & Admin