Last review date 03/02/2023

The 1 hour Nurses and HCAs training session will cover ; 

LTC Review templates including: Asthma, Diabetes and an introduction to the Long Term Condition Review Template.

Drug Injections - Prescribing, Electronic PSDs, administering injections, booking follow up appointments.

Childhood vaccinations -Recording Childhood vaccinations, adding refusals, recording advice codes along with producing bravery certificates.

Travel vaccinations - Completing travel details, shortcut links to useful guidance such as NaTHNaC, recording advice codes, using the Immunisations tab to record the relevant immunisation, prescribing Malaria.

Phlebotomy - Recording the blood sample taken, secondary care bloods, accessing electronic blood requesting.

NHS Health Checks - Completing the blue stars in order to cover all that is required for the health check.  Printing a patient health check summary.  

Wound management - Recording various wound management codes, prescribing dressing using the formulary, leg ulcers, minor injury, post-op and healed wound.

Urinalysis - Including printing drop off forms and recording dipstick information.

Contraception Template - Including recording assessments, menstrual diaries, Hormonal and LARC resources, UKMEC, Useful Women's Health leaflets. 

Cervical Smear Template - Recording the procedure, result and booking any follow up appointments.

The above is a guide.  Other templates are available in the system for the Nurse/HCA team and we are happy to run through any of them (time permitting) as well as general queries during the 1-hour session.  

For a video guide, please click on the following link.