The Wound Management template can be found by going to Auto consultations > Ardens NURSES & HCAs. You can also add this template to your F12 Favourites for quick access.

The Wound Management template is split between various tabs covering the different types of wound that the patient may have such as General, Burns, Leg Ulcer, Minor Injury, Post-Op, Pressure Ulcer and Trauma.  There is also a tab for Healed Wound.

Navigate to the tab required for the type of wound.  The Yellow stars indicate that 'local enhanced service' income is related to that particular field.

The Examination section contains short cuts to other useful templates, which can be used during the Wound Management consultation such as the Wound Examination template, Wound assessment and Attachments.  

Under Vitals and Doppler there are shortcuts to the Vitals and Lifestyle Template, Pules and ABPI, foot screening and the pressure ulcer template.  There are also links to the Phlebotomy and Wound Swab template.

The Impression section are drop down boxes containing codes for the wound, condition of the wound and the wound duration.

The Management Section allows you to free text a plan along with next steps including short cuts to the Dressing Formulary, the Follow Up template, the Compression Hosiery Formulary, the MUST template and also applicable formularies.  There is also a Care Plan at the bottom.  To learn how to create Care Plan click on our Using Care Plans Support Article.

The Abscess and Sinus, Burns, Leg Ulcer, Post-Op, Pressure Ulcer and Trauma tab will all be similar to the General Tab, but will have more applicable codes and shortcuts related to that wound.

Minor Injury Wound Care

This Tab is designed to cover the management of a minor injury with links to prescribe dressing packs, local Anaesthetics, code Incisions and Sutures, Stables, Glues and a link to dressing formularies.  

Tip: The Yellow stars indicate that 'local enhanced service' income is related to that particular field.

At the bottom of the template there is a link to the Follow Up template.

The Healed tab is designed to record information on a Healed Wound Review, with options to record observations, vitals, photos, and either view or record further tests.  The wound healed code can be added if appropriate along with links to the Creams and Ointments Formulary and the Compression Hosiery Formulary.

The Resources Tab is useful to provide the patient with any useful resources for their wounds.  Please see our Using the Resources Tab Support Article for more details.