Last review date 03/02/2023

To access the 'Cervical Smear' template go to 'Auto-Consultations > ardens Nurses and HCAs > Cervical Smear'. If this is a template that you frequently use you can add it to your favourites on the F12 launcher.


Use the tick boxes and dropdown lists to add codes into the patients record.

Note: the red star indicates this code is a QOF requirement

You can access Open Exeter using the button provided at the bottom

Use the blue New Electronic Pathology request button to access ICE/TQUEST

The New Smear button will open up the SystmOne screen for adding smears.

To record the result of the Cervical Smear, please click on our Recording a Cervical Smear Result article for more information.

To record any Follow up please see our guide to the Follow-up tab.

Click Help & Feedback in the top right hand corner for Ardens resources and to access the Contact Us details