The Asthma template can be accessed through the Auto-Consultation option, by selecting the inhaler icon in the demographics box or by searching in the bottom left-hand corner of SystmOne. 


The home page will give you access to the different pages of the template (diagnosis, review etc), as well as a summary of relevant medical history for the patient. This includes recent coding, numerics, questionnaires, lifestyle information and care plans, and by scrolling down you can see drug monitoring alerts and respiratory medication summary.  


If the patient is presenting with possible symptoms of Asthma you can access the template from the Auto consultations drop down > hover over Arden's consultations A-C > select the Asthma option. The home page has an option on the left for diagnosis. This will guide you through recording relevant tests and criteria for diagnosis. 

Review and Care plan

If the patient is coming in for their Asthma review you can access the template from under the patients demographic box using the Inhaler icon. This will open the template up and select Review on the left or at the top of the template. You can work through the review accessing scoring tools, correct coding for contract requirements, formularies and drug monitoring, patient leaflets and care plans. Remember that the care plan will only auto-populate with the information you have just entered if you click 'OK' to the template first - then re-open to click on the care plan option which will open in Word. 

Exacerbation and Follow up 

If the patient is coming in with an exacerbation of the Asthma you can access the template from the icon under their demographic details using the Inhaler icon. This will open up and you can use the Exacerbation and the follow up pages. 

You also have the referral and resources pages available on the template for any further referrals and patient self help information. 

Please have a look at the Asthma Consultation video link below: