The Ardens Asthma template has been designed to standardise consultations, ensuring clinicians are following the same national guidelines and recording accurate coding of data. 

If a patient is diagnosed with Asthma, there will be a blue inhaler icon under the patients demographics.

If a patient doesn't have Asthma and they wish  Auto-Consultation > ardens CONDITIONS RESPIRATORY > Asthma >=17y


There are both adult & child templates available, Ardens have created a protocol so the appropriate template will display dependant on the age of the patient.

Home Tab

The home Tab will give you access to the different pages of the template (diagnosis, review etc), as well as a summary of relevant medical history for the patient. Please see our Home Tab Support Article for more information.

N.B. Red Stars indicate these areas are required for QOF, Blue Stars are for Network Contract DES and Yellow Stars for local payment.


Diagnosis Tab

The Diagnosis page can be used for patients without a confirmed diagnosis of Asthma.  This page enables you to record spirometry, FeNO and peak flow results with direct links to the relevant templates to add further detail. 

Based on these findings the diagnosis code can then be added if required by ticking the box labelled Asthma as below.


Review Tab

This tab is split into 3 sections; Review, Impression and Management

All the Ardens chronic disease templates follow the latest NICE guidance and best practice information. The review page also includes all contract requirements for QOF, Network DES & local (highlighted with red, blue & yellow stars).


To complete a full review, the Review tab should be used. As with all Ardens templates the coding is applied within the middle section using the drop down menus available, to the right of these is a link to a corresponding template or relevant resource for convenience. 

Clicking in to any field will display historical results in the panel on the right side of the template, in numeric fields just manually type a new result.

Useful links include:

 The FeNo Test Template, for more details, please refer to the FeNo Test Support Article  

The Corticosteroid Monitoring Template, for more details, please refer to the Corticosteroid Monitoring Support Article

The ACT Score Template.   Complete the Scored Assessment by selecting from the drop down choices, the template will auto calculate the score and code directly to the record once you click Ok.

The PEFR Diary Template.  You can print the format shown on the template click Print at the bottom of the template or as a Word Document at the top of the template.

The Management Section allows you to select any medication codes along with inhaler compliance and technique rescue meds and to create a care plan.

On the right hand side of the management section are links to useful templates. 

Asthma Formulary Template - This template allows you to prescribe medication using both NICE or British Thoracic Society guidelines. 

Both sections list reliever & maintenance inhalers and provide pictures of the inhaler, just click the required button to prescribe the required inhaler.

The window at the bottom will list current and past relevant medications. Right click on any drug to issue, re-prescribe or make a repeat.  For more details on how to use a Formularies, please refer to our Formularies Support Article.

Inhaler Technique Template - The Inhaler Technique Review template allows you to record a full review and contains links to videos showing inhaler & spacer device technique which can be used during a face to face appointment or sent to a patient remotely by copying a link and forwarding by text/email.

Care Plans - To learn more about creating a care plan, please see our Create an Ardens Care Plan Support Article for more details. There are 6 available care plans to choose from : Care Plan (Ardens), MART, SMART, Asthma UK, Fostair MART and the Symbicort Reliever Therapy care plan.

Please note: Make sure you select the appropriate QOF care plan code from the drop down menu. 

The Notes tab on the template has a free text box at the bottom for Agreed self-management plan. Anything you write in here will pull through in to the Ardens care plan if using.

Located in the bottom right corner of the template are other useful links such as:

The Follow-up (calendar icon) - allows you to add a SystmOne recall, view pending appointments, book an appointment using the appointment ledger. 

Create a task button (clipboard & pencil icon) - allowing you to quickly send a patient task. 

Red Star button - This will open the QOF Asthma template for the current year with tabs to see previous if required. Exception codes are available at the bottom of the template and a view of the patients current QOF Alerts.

The Yellow Star icon will open your local Enhanced Services template if applicable

Exacerbation and Follow up Tabs

The Exacerbation tab allows you to record an assessment with useful dropdown boxes and numerical fields. Links to useful tools such as PEFR Diary, and Predicted Peak Flow template. An Impression section to record the Exacerbation severity and a Management section to record next steps, with links to useful templates and resources on the righthand side.

Resources Tab

To learn more about using the Resources tab, please see our Using the Resources Tab Support article for more details.

Respiratory Reports

Ardens Respiratory reports can be found Clinical Reporting in the Arden's Ltd folder under Conditions | Respiratory.

These reports are separated under the sub headings explained below:

Activity Last Month - These show patients that have had a review, a Respiratory diagnosis, or an exacerbation in the last month.

Alerts - These are looking at best practice reviews that might be useful to do such as patients that are on certain respiratory medications, or exacerbation follow ups required.

Care Finders - These can be used to improve the prevalence of your respiratory registers.  Please see our Case Finder Support Article for more information.

Performance Indicators - These reports are useful to see how many patients require Respiratory reviews for different areas such as NO ACT recorded within the last 13 months, or no Care Plan in the last 13 months.

Registers - This folder gives you are list of respiratory registers along with broken down lists of patients with certain ACT values, meds issued or not issued etc.