The Resources tab can be found at the end of most Ardens Templates and is useful way of sending useful articles to the patient.

Printing an article for a patient.

The articles are presented as a weblink and clicking on these will open the article in your preferred internet browser.  You will then be able to print these articles either through the print option displayed on the type of article that has opened up.  If it is a PDF there should be a print button usually found on the top right hand side of the PDF screen.  If you are printing a leaflet, click on the download button to convert the document into a PDF as below:

The document will then open as a PDF and clicking on the print button usually at the top right hand of the document will allow you to print.

Sending an article to the patient via a text message or email.

To send via a text message or email, the weblink would need to be copied from the template and pasted into Communication Annexe before clicking send at the bottom to send.

To do this simply highlight the relevant support article.  Once highlighted click Ctrl + C on the keyboard to copy the selected weblink.  Once copied, click the Send Message button. 

This will open Communication Annexe allowing you to paste (Ctrl + V) the weblink into the area which is labelled Enter Message Text.  Once pasted, you can click Send at the bottom of the Communication Annexe screen,  When the record is saved, the message will be sent to the patient. Please see our Communications Annexe Support Article for more detail on how to use this SystmOne functionali

Please Note:  This will only go to the patient if they have either a mobile number or Email address added to their record and in some cases if they have agreed to consent.

Once the record is saved, the message will also be saved in Communications and Records as evidence that this has been sent to the patient.