Care plans are available to use in all of our LTC templates along with many others and gives the clinician the opportunity to share information recorded with the patient.  

This article explains how to best create, share and save a Care Plan so that the patient receives the most up to date information and that it is saved in the patients record for future reference.

Locating Care Plans on an Ardens Template

Care Plans are generally found at the bottom of the Review tab such as displayed below on the Asthma Review Tab. Below there are several different care plan short cut buttons to choose from along with a drop down box to code the care plan.

Sending a Care Plan to the patient

A Care Plan can be printed and given to the patient at the time of creating the document in Word using the normal print button in word linking to the relevant printer within your workplace.

You can also now send a Care Plan to the patient using Communication Annexe by either right clicking on the document in Communications and letters or from an Ardens template.  Please see our Using Communication Annexe in SystmOne Support Article for more detail.

When finished with the patient, don't forget to Save the record.