To access the Dementia template got to Auto Consultations > ardens CONDITIONS FRAILTY AND EOL or use the ? icon under the patient's demographic box.

The Home tab displays relevant codes relating to the diagnosis, values, blood results, medication alerts and medication (scroll down using the grey bar on the right to see more detail on the Home tab)


If the patient is presenting with possible symptoms of Dementia you can access the template from the Auto consultations drop down > hover over Arden's CONDITIONS FRAILTY AND EOL> select the Dementia option.

Review + Consultation 

If the patient is coming in for their Dementia review you can access the template from under the patients demographic box using the Red ? This will open the template up and present on the Review page. you can work through the review and consultation pages 1 and 3.

You also have the referral and resources pages available on the template for any further referrals and patient self help information. 

Please have a look at the Dementia Consultation video link below: