To access the Dementia template got to Auto Consultations > ardens CONDITIONS FRAILTY AND EOL or use the ? icon under the patient's demographic box.

The template is split into 7 tabs; Home, Diagnosis, Review, Formulary, Referral, Notes and Resources. 

Home Tab

The Home tab displays relevant codes relating to the diagnosis, values, blood results, medication alerts and medication (scroll down using the grey bar on the right to see more detail on the Home tab).  To learn more about the Home tab please visit our Home Tab Support Article for more details.

Diagnosis Tab

If the patient is presenting with possible symptoms of Dementia you can access the template from the Auto consultations drop down > hover over Arden's CONDITIONS FRAILTY AND EOL select the Dementia option.

The Diagnosis tab is split into 4 sections:

Suspected - This takes you into the Possible Dementia Template.  For more information on using this template, please refer to our Possible Dementia Support Article for more information.  

Criteria - This sections allows you access to the useful scored assessments we have available for you to test the patients cognitive impairment along with other Scored Assessments to measure the patients significant functional decline. 

Diagnosis - This section allows you to code a dementia diagnosis code along with a diagnosis made in primary care tick box.

See Also - In this section, if required there is a link to the mild cognitive impairment template. 

Review Tab

If the patient is coming in for their Dementia review you can access the template from under the patients demographic box using the Red Question Mark.

The Review tab is split into 3 sections:

Assessment - This section contains drop down boxes to code the dementia review along with capacity, behaviour, mood, frailty, carer and carer assessment along with other codes.  On the right of each of these codes are links to useful templates.

Impression -  This contains a drop down box to code the patients condition.

Management - This section contains down boxes for useful management codes along with links to further templates to access if applicable. At the bottom of the management section is the Care Plan codes along with the option to create a Dementia Care Plan. For more details on creating Arden Care Plans, please see our Create an Ardens Care Plan Support Article for more detail.

You also have a Referral, Notes and Resources tab.  To learn more about using the Resources tab, please see our Using the Resources Tab Support article for more detail.