Ardens Scored Assessment templates can be found under Auto Consultation - Ardens Scores A to G and Ardens Scores H to Z.

You will also be able to find the scored Assessment within an applicable template. Such as the ACT score within the Asthma template, please see below.

Please note - Each Scored Assessment template will have a red dice as its icon. 

Scored assessments are created by using a scored assessment functionality within SystmOne templates and all follow the relevant questions and scoring system required to assess a patient. Once the assessment is completed the score will be calculated automatically and will produce the numerical code.  An example of this is the ACT score template below.

 Not all scored assessment templates are possible due to the complexity of the assessment or a numerical code may not exist.  On those occasions we have created weblinks to relevant websites that can be used such as the QRISK3 template below.

On some templates we have also created a view at the bottom of the template detailing certain criteria that may be useful when completing an assessment, please do though pay attention to any warnings that might affect some of the data as detailed below.


If you have any queries regarding Scored Assessments, please contact our Support team at