This template can be found under Auto - Consultation > Ardens CONDITIONS FRAILTY AND EOL.

This template is split into 4 Tabs: Home, Consultation, Follow-up and Resources.

Home Tab

To learn more on how to use the Home Tab, please refer to our Home Tab Support Article for more details.

Consultation Tab

 This tab contains 3 sections:

Presentation - This has Yes or No options to relevant questions along with a free text box to write any findings.  There is also a sections to record any useful Scored Assessments along with links to the safeguarding resources.  On the righthand side are useful numerical  codes along with a link to the sepsis risk template.

Impression - Allows the option to record either Unlikely or Suspected Dementia.

Management - This section has next steps codes and resources for Blood Test required, ECG Required, Chest X-Ray requested, medication review and follow-up arranged.

Follow-Up Tab

This allows you to record a follow-up consultation and is split between 4 sections;

Presentation - Presentation consistent with dementia can be recorded

Results - Results can be viewed and codes can be added in this section.  Click on the relevant template for more information on results.

Impression - This will give you the option to record a more accurate impression code by ticking the relevant box.

Management - Next steps including referral information can be recorded in this section.

Please Note:  Yellow stars = Local Enhanced Services codes.

Resources Tab

Please see our Using the Resources Tab Support article for more details.