To access the HMP Prison Template go to Auto Consultation - ARDENS Other Professionals - HMP Templates.  You can also add this template to your F12 Launcher.

ACCT Review Template

Clicking on the ACCT Review button will open the ACCT Review Template.  

The template is split into three sections; Review, Impression and Management.


This section has a review code along with attendance, MDT information and a notes section.  There are also links to Risk of Harm to Self and Others, Prison Injury (F213) and Substance Misuse template.  


This section has the ACCT Status codes and an ACCT Reference No free text box. Please Note:  With all SystmOne templates if you wish to see previous codes added to a patient record related to a particular area, if you click on the relevant code you can see previous codes added on the right hand side.


This section allows you to free text information regarding a plan moving forward and post notes closure (Please Note: you can only add a Post note closure if you have selected close ACCT Status).  There are also drop down boxes to record Prisoner Watch, Emergency MH Assessment and referral codes.  There is also the opportunity to record a next review date or use the Follow Up template to record this.

Acute Intoxication /  Substance Misuse Template

The template is split into three sections; Review, Impression and Management. It can be useful for routine observations or on admission assessments. 


This section has drop down boxes to record emergency treatment codes along with Substance Misuse codes and a link to the Substance Misuse template. There are also options to record exclusion codes for Epilepsy,  Head Injury and Sepsis excluded with shortcuts to those relevant templates if required. Observations and Investigations can also be completed here along with a shortcut to the Glasgow Coma Scale Scored Assessment if required.


This section contains a drop down box for drug or alcohol intoxication codes along with a short cut to to type and route template if required.


This section allows the user to write up a plan along with coding consent, ambulance, resuscitation, disclaimer, ACCT, referral codes and a link to the follow up template.

DNA Adult Template

Please see our DNA Template support article for more details.

Emergencies and Resuscitation Template

Please see our Emergencies and Resuscitation Support Article for more information.

HMP Health Check Template

Please see our HMP Health Check Support Article for more information.

HMP Mental Health Template

Please see our HMP Mental Heath support article for more information.

NEWS Template

Please see our Sepsis Risk Stratification support article for more information.

HMP Older Person Assessment Template

Please see our HMP Older Person Assessment support Article for more information.

Prisoner Injury F213 Template

This template is split into 3 sections; Type, Presentation and Management.   The Type section allows you to record the cause, type and restraint injury along with the F213 code.   The Presentation section Allows free text space for both History and Examination with a shortcut button to any vitals that may need to be recorded and a medical drawing.  The Management section has a plan free text box along with medication and referral coding.

Prisoner Restraint Template

The Prisoner Restraint template is split between 2 tabs; Prisoner Restraint and Post-Restraint Assessment.  The Prisoner Restraint tab, which has the Legal restraint code along with drop down boxes for Procedure, type, planning, safeguarding.  There is also a chance to record free text regarding who was present at encounter and any relevant notes. 

The Post Restraint Assessment tab is split between Assessment and Management.  The Assessment section covers areas to record timings of restraint and HCP information along with Assessment, restraint injury, injuries sustained, pre-existing conditions and notes relating to the restraint.  Vitals such as BP, HR, RR and Sats can also be recorded. The Management section had a free text box for summary and actions along with debriefing and referral codes.

Prisoner Self Harm F213SH Template

This template is split into 3 sections; Type, Presentation and Management. The Type Section has a drop down box for all the Self Harm codes along with the F213SH Open code. The Presentation section allows you free type any History, Examination and vitals along with a medical drawing. In Management, the Plan can be added along with medication and Referral codes.

Sexual Health Template

Please see our Sexual Health Support guide for more information. This includes opportunity to record background and sexual history information, as well as STI risk and BBV risk

HMP Healthcare Emergency / Unscheduled Care

This template has the Prisoner health - healthcare emergency response code along with shortcuts to the ACCT Review template and Emergencies and Resuscitation, Novel Psychoactive Substance Misuse and Prisoner Injury F213 templates.

Wellbeing Review Template

The wellbeing review template has a link to a wellbeing assessment template and also the opportunity to print a care plan.  The template also has the wellbeing guide for reference.