Last review date 03/02/2023

We have developed a useful Sepsis Risk Stratification tool which is based on NICE Guidance.

This tool will guide you through the normal ranges when entering your examination findings and then allow you to code the Patient's record with safety netting information.

You can access this template by clicking on the Sepsis Risk button on the General Consultation template 

The tool will load with the ranges specific to the age range of the patient record that you are in.

You can see the last value in each of the numeric fields in pale grey text.

When entering the examination findings, the relevant threshold will highlight on the right hand side.

You also have access here to the NEWS, NEWS2 and SIRS screening tools.

Please have a look at this short video for further information.

Sepsis risk stratification is also available on the Pediatric Consultation template where the thresholds have been adjusted for children.

Please have a look at the separate Child Examination support article for further details on this.