The 'Emergencies & Resuscitation' template is a useful template to add to your clinical toolbar as an organisation-wide setting.

This template has pages for specific emergency situations including adult and paediatric ALS, choking and anaphylaxis. They include guidance on the appropriate algorithm to follow and allows the event to be accurately recorded.

At the top of the homepage is a panic button to alarm other staff and a link to view the patient's future care planning in case there are any advanced wishes. There are also useful 'Print Out' that includes the algorithms, as well as the patient's medical history and a space to record what care has been delivered. This can then easily be handed over to the paramedics and ambulance crew when they arrive. Finally, there is a useful link to the 'Emergency Formulary' template with commonly used medication on.

COVID-19 Update

The template has been updated to include the specific algorithm's to be used during the COVID-19 pandemic