Last review date 03/02/2023

You can customise the toolbar to give you quick access to favourite templates for either an individual user or your whole organisation

Option 1: Customise the toolbar for an individual user

With your cursor, hover over your toolbar > Right Click > Configure Toolbar > New/Amend Button Set.

  • Double click on the row of your toolbar that you want to add the new button to.
  • Search for the template you want in the top left (e.g. Communication Annexe)
  • Then double click it so that it appears on the right.
  • In the top right, you can change it to a small or large icon with text too.
  • You can then add more templates if you wish
  • Use the arrows to move them up/down the list if you want
  • Then click Ok > Ok and you should see your new button on your toolbar.

Option 2: Customise the toolbar for your whole organisation

This is useful so that everyone in your surgery has the same standard toolbar. If someone has individually customised their toolbar, their toolbar won’t change.

Go to Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences > Toolbars

Then follow the instructions above