Last review date 29/03/2023

The template can be located in the following ways:

  • Auto-Consultations > ardens PROCEDURES and CONSENT FORMS > LNG-IUS
  • Embedded within the Contraception template
  • Use the bottom left search bar in SystmOne

If using on a regular basis, add the template to the F12 favourites for quick access.

The template is separated in to several tabs along the top of the template, navigate to the appropriate page.


There are also links to the other pages depending on the type of appointment.  There is access to other contraceptive templates, Cervical Smear or DNA if the patient did not attend.

Below are codes needed if the patient had the coil fitted elsewhere other than the surgery.



Easily document discussions with the patient by ticking the appropriate boxes.


Again this section makes it simple to record your assessment and has useful links to templates & documents that may be required during the consultation, saving the need to exit the template and navigate to another.


A calendar is available to record Date of LMP.

UK MEC risk score template is available which lists risk for all contraception types.

A consent form is available as a Word document to print out, also available on the Fitting & Removal pages.

There are links to printable leaflets or web pages, tick to record a leaflet given.

The Products hyperlink will navigate to the page where you can generate the appropriate prescription if needed.

Tip: to return to the previous page, use the tabs at the top of the template. Clicking Ok will close the template.


If booking a further appointment, click the Follow-Up template, this will show any current booked appointments and also provides access to the appointment ledger, tasks etc.

Bottom left of the Assessment page are links to guidance from FSRH.


Yellow Stars indicate codes required for Local Enhanced Services payments if applicable in your area.

There is another opportunity to print a consent form if not yet completed.

Record Date of LMP, BP and HR.  Clicking in to these fields will display historical dates in the yellow pane on the right side of the template.

The Vaginal Examination free text field has a preset alongside to save typing.

Click on the preset button (notepad icon) and use mouse to select the required text. The text can be edited once added to the template. 

Again there are hyperlinks to the Products page if need to generate prescription for the required device and any Local Anaesthetic used. The BN + Expiry Date box is for LA.

Select the appropriate IUS fitting code as required for payment. You can also add a batch number & expiry date for the device.

Add details for any chaperone present/declined etc.

Advice After Fitting leaflet is available as a Word document to print.

Link to Follow Up template to book any further appointments if needed.


Check the appropriate boxes indicated with a Yellow Star for payment.


This tab is for removing and replacing the device during the same appointment


The first section allows you to record the relevant timing codes, with any guidance in grey text to the side.

Pre-procedure record Contraceptive and Pregnancy advice.  There is also a link to the Contraception template if providing an alternative.

Don't forget to complete the fields marked with a Yellow Star to ensure payment.

Use the Follow Up link to book any further appointments needed.


There are a number of reports to show coils fitted/replaced/removed etc.

For claims:

Go to Reporting > Clinical Reporting > select Ardens Ltd folder > Contracts | 2022 23 Local Contracts > (select relevant month/quarter) > Womens Health - Coils:

For information:

Ardens Ltd folder > Procedures > IUCDs and Implants

Coils that may need to be removed:

Ardens Ltd folder > Procedures > Contraceptive coils