A number of resources have been made available to all SystmOne users nationally for free as open access, including:

  • COVID-19 template for risk assessment, remote & face-face consultations, management, remote monitoring Covid oximetry @home (CO@h), post-covid, pneumonia, social assessment, and future care planning (with auto-upload to the Summary Care Record)
  • Paediatric Remote Consultation template for the risk assessment & management of paediatric patients during remote consultations
  • Death documentation template including death verification and coroner referral pages
  • Cremation Form 4 that auto-populates with relevant information

Please note that due to the rapidly evolving and changing guidance, this template is under constant review and will be updated automatically for all users.

If you already use Ardens, you will already have access to these resources. Please see this Support Article for more information.

For a summary of all of our Coronavirus COVID-19 resources, please see here.

Setup Process

To access these resources, you will first need to join the 'Ardens Open Access' organisation group on SystmOne:

  1. Go to Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Groups
  2. Untick the top left tick box 'Only show groups this organisation has joined'
  3. Find and open the 'Wiltshire' folder, then click on the 'Ardens Open Access' group
  4. Right click this group > Join group
  5. Turn your SystmOne off and back on again to complete the process

Accessing The Templates

You can access the Coronavirus COVID-19 Screening template by various methods:

  • Going to Autoconsulations > Ardens Open Access > Coronavirus COVID-19 or Death Documentation template
  • Adding it to your F12 Favourites for quick access.
  • Adding it to your clinical toolbar or any other template as a quick action button.
  • Searching for it in the bottom left of SystmOne.

Using The COVID-19 Template

At the top of the template are some assessment questions. Selecting answers to the assessment questions will make other fields on the template active, dependent upon the given answers.

The short video below will guide you through the setup process and how to access and use the template.

Using the Paediatric Remote Consultation Template

The 'Paediatric Remote Assessment' template is based on the NHS Healthier Together guidelines which include a traffic-light system for risk assessment and subsequent actions for the remote assessment of paediatric patients.


There are useful links to the safety netting advice leaflets that can be viewed. You can then simply copy the URL and paste it into an SMS to send it to the patient.

Using The Death Documentation and Cremation Form Templates

There is also a link to the 'Death Documentation' template which can be used to record deaths. Once you have completed the template, just click ok and then re-open the template. When you then open the 'Cremation Form 4 Part 1' all the information will auto-populate the cremation form. Please see screenshot below.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please just Contact Us.

COVID-19 Template

Paediatric Remote Assessment Template

Death Documentation Template