Last review date 03/02/2023

For a summary of all of our Coronavirus COVID-19 resources, please see here. This article is for practices that use Ardens already but this template has also been made available to use for free by anyone. If you don't currently use Ardens, please see this Support Article instead.

Accessing the template:

The COVID-19 template can be accessed by clicking the 'C' icon from under the patient's name, from 'Auto-consultations > Ardens Possible Conditions'  or by using the search box in the bottom left of SystmOne. It can also be found on the top of the 'Reception & Administration' template and the 'Telephone Consultation' template.

Using the template:

There are a number of different pages on the template including:

Risk Page - To record if a patient is low, moderate or high risk of complications, along with guidance and pre-set letters for managing high risk patients.

Remote and Face-to-Face Consultation Pages - Based on the BMJ guidelines to assist clinicians in the accurate and efficient assessment and management of any suspected case.

Management Page - With traffic light risk statification based on the NHS England pathway

Remote Monitoring Covid Oximetry @home page - CO@h - Please see this separate Support Article

Post-Covid page - Including the diagnostic criteria and management of long Covid.

Pneumonia Page - For the correct assessment and management of COVID-19 related pneumonia, along with guidance on antibiotic indications and first choice antibiotics based on the latest NICE guidance.

Social & Future Care Planning Pages - To ensure the welfare of your patients and to proactively plan for future episodes of care, including Rockwood Clinical Frailty Score, care plans and CPR statuses which automatically get uploaded to the Summary Care Record.

Delayed Treatment Page - For recording when a non-urgent referral or treatment may need to be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The user can then from this template easily open the 'Follow-up' template to add a task or recall to ensure the patient is safety-netted and followed up appropriately in the future (see screenshot below).

Given the speed that the situation is developing, this template is being monitored and updated constantly with each update to the PHE guidance.

Clinical Reports:

There are also the following reports that can be found under Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Alerts | COVID-19