The following resources have been updated and created to support SystmOne GP practices in delivering Remote Monitoring for Covid Oximetry @home based on the NHS England Guidance. These resources are free for all SystmOne GP practices as part of the Ardens Covid-19 Resources.

1. SystmOne Data Entry Template

The monitoring page on the existing Covid-19 template enables users to initially record that remote monitoring has commenced or ended and places the patient on the practice register (see 2. SystmOne Report below). The template allows you to record vital details along with some advice that can be given to the patient.

2. SystmOne Report

Go to Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Alerts I Covid19 > Remote Monitoring. Here you will find two reports. The first one to identify patients who are currently being monitored, and the second one to keep a record of patients who have had monitoring ended.

3. Airmid App - Patient Questionnaire

To support the patients in remotely monitoring their oxygen levels, there is a patient questionnaire for the Airmid app. This questionnaire will only show on the Airmid app if the patient is currently having remote monitoring (i.e. is in the first report above).

To activate this, you will need to go to System > Resource Library and find the 'Remote Monitoring - Covid oximetry at home' questionnaire and download it. Then go to Setup > Data Entry > Questionnaires and amend the questionnaire so the 'Airmid Settings' are tab is as per the screenshot below. Then click ok and then publish this template to the group called 'Patient App Users'. This will make then make the questionnaire available to patients on the Airmid app.