The Asthma template can be accessed by clicking on the inhaler icon in the demographics box or by selecting the Auto-Consultation - ardens CONDITIONS RESPIRATORY- Asthma Child (5-16y)

Home Tab

The home Tab will give you access to the different pages of the template (diagnosis, review etc), as well as a summary of relevant medical history for the patient. Please see our Home Tab Support Article for more information.

Diagnosis Tab

If the patient is presenting with possible symptoms of Asthma you can access the template following the Auto Consultation guidance above. On the Diagnosis Tab you can record the Patients symptoms by adding the FeNO Test results, Spirometry findings and PEFR.  Based on these findings the Diagnosis code can then be added if required by selecting Asthma as below.


Review and Care plan

Please Note: Red Stars - QoF Codes Yellow Stars - Local Enhanced Services Codes (if applicable)

To complete the patients Asthma Review - Click on the Review Tab. Within this tab you will be able to complete a full patients review by selecting the relevant codes required to complete the patients review.  On the right hand side of the template it is possible to use further templates to help complete the work required such as:

  • Completing a FeNO Test or the Child ACT and >12 ACT Score
  • Producing a PEFR Diary for the patient to complete at home and a Paeds Predicted Peak Flow
  • An Inhaler Technique template to send any useful inhaler videos via text or email to the patient 
  • A link to our Child Asthma formulary if any medication is required.  
  • A Care Plan can also be created by clicking on either the Care Plan button or the Asthma UK care plan if required. 

Please Note: In order to populate todays information into the Care Plan, click OK at the bottom of the template first then re-open and select the Care Plan you wish to produce for the patient. 

Exacerbation and Follow up 

If the patient is coming in with an exacerbation of Asthma you can use the Exacerbation Tab.  This tab will allow you to enter the Assessment, Impression and Management of the Exacerbation onto the record. An Exacerbation Follow up can also be added through the Follow Up tab if required following the similar process to above.