Last review date 03/02/2023

As Ardens are unable to report on your local Residential Institute (RI) codes, if you use a clinical report at your practice using RI codes for your care home patients instead of read codes, please ensure that they also have the appropriate read code on their record too. To do this, follow the two steps below.

Step 1. Create Report To Identify RI Codes Without A Read Code

  • Go to Reporting >Clinical Reporting > New
  • Set the Name, Category and Sub category as required
  • In the Registration folder select Branch & Residential Institute
  • Then select the RI Codes and move them from the left to the right window

Then create a join report to exclude those who already have the read code. To do this:

  • In the report window above, scroll to the bottom of the left hand list and select 'Join to one report'. Click 'Select report'
  • Go to Ardens > Conditions | Frailty and End of Life > Registers > Housing > Nursing or Residential Home Resident.
  • Lastly select the join type 'Only report on patients NOT found in this report'.

Step 2. Batch Adding Read Code

Run the search above and then Right Click > Breakdown Results. Then select Registrations > Residential Institute. Right click on each institute and select Actions >Add Read Code. Then add one of the read codes below as appropriate:

  • Lives in a nursing home - 13F61
  • Lives in a residential home - XaImT 
  • Lives in care home - XaMFG 


1. This report will need to be re-run periodically. 

2. Every residential institute has a local authority code. To view the codes you have recorded on SystmOne go to Links >Residential Institute Codes.

How to Identify Patients Who Are No Longer Resident But Still Coded

  • Go to Ardens > Conditions | Frailty and End of Life > Registers > Housing > Nursing or Residential Home Resident. 
  • Select the report and click 'Copy' from the top menu - type in the category and sub category (For ease, save it in the same folder as the residential institutes report you made earlier in step 1.) 
  • Select both the 'Nursing or Residential Home Resident' and 'Residential Institutes' reports and select 'Join' on the top menu
  • Join reports to report on patients found in 'Residential Institutes' and not in 'Ardens Nursing or Residential Home Resident'
  • You can then show patients > right click and add code 'Lives in own home (13KD.)' or 'Discharge home (XaApt)'