There are different ways to access the Care Navigation and Signposting template:

Open the Reception and Administration template and look for Care Navigation button

Go to Auto-consultation > ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS > Care Navigator

You can also add to F12 Favourites for quick access.

Note: The Yellow Star indicates an enhanced service payment is linked to this as well as being able to audit how many patients have received signposting 

Encounter Tab 

Signposting - code to update the record that the patient has received signposting advice

Seen by - use the drop down to select from the choices listed

Encounter - face to face, telephone etc

Referred by - code where the referral originated

Tip:  the pencil icon next to each section allows for additional note recording against a code 

Notes - add free-text or use the 'add preset' option to insert from a list of 'preset' text

Triage - tick the box to record triage and use the Triage Questionnaire button for adding specific triage information 

There are printable Patient Information Leaflets (Older Persons, Lifestyle Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing) if using Ardens Pro these will be localised for your area

Signposting codes - record which service the patient has been signposted to i.e. emergency, mental health, elderly etc

Referral - code if a referral is required and access local referral forms using the Communications button (only available with Ardens Pro version) 

Advice - record if advice has been given or declined, or use the follow-up button to access other SystmOne functions such as Appointments, Tasks etc.

Referral to social prescribing - either task your practice Social Prescriber and/or print out the summary sheet Tip: ok & reopen the template before printing the summary so it merges with the data you have input into the template.

2. Notes and Resources Tabs

Use the tabs along the top of the template to add notes or access resources such as online guide/leaflet links 

Highlight and copy the hyperlink, use the Send Message button to forward as an SMS or email to the patient (paste the link in to the message box)