The following resources are available on Ardens SystmOne to assist with TNBI patients.


The TNBI - Transgender, Non-Binary + Intersex Template can be found under Auto-Consultation> ARDENS HEALTH CHECKS > TNBI - Transgender, Non-Binary + Intersex

You can also set the TNBI - Transgender, Non-Binary + Intersex template as a favourite on F12 for quick access.

The Template is split into 5 Tabs; Home, Review, Referral, Notes and Resources.


The Home tab has the Assigned at birth sex codes and the Gender Identity code.  These can be added by dropping down the box and selecting the applicable code from the list.  The Transsexual and Transsexual surgery codes can also be added. Any procedure codes can be added from the drop down list with a date box available to backdate the surgery date if known. 

To add a Preferred Pronoun, this can be typed in the free text box, or you can select from the preset option box next to the pencil.  If any change need to be made on the patients details, this can be completed by accessing the Details (gender & name known as) option.


The Review tab is Split into 2 sections, Assessment and Management.

The Assessment section allows you to record any Gender Dysphoria codes along with Smoking, Alcohol and Mood assessment codes along with options to record Safeguarding and STI risks.  Numerics can also be recorded if required.

In the Management section you can record any signposting code for IAPT along with advice codes for Contraception and Immunisations and also an intension code if applicable and any Hormone therapy codes with a short cut to the Testosterone monitoring template. Advice on Gender recognition certificates and referral prompt is also available (more information on Referrals can be recorded on the Referral tab).  Screening Advice codes and links to applicable screening templates can also be accessed if required along with a hyperlink to leaflets.


The Referral tab contains a dropdown box of the relevant referral codes, along with some local guidance hyperlinks if required.


The Notes tab allows you to type any Assessment or Plan notes that might be relevant to add to a patient record during your consultation.


As with all Resources tabs on our templates, there are useful patient guides that could either be emailed, texted or printed for the patient if necessary.


You can find all Ardens Reports in Reporting > Clinical Reporting.  The Ardens Folder on the left hand side will provide you with all the reports that we have created.  To get a list of patients that are have any Gender Dysphoria codes as below, go into the Conditions | Mental Health folder and select the Registers subfolder. Simply right click and select Run to get an up to date list.

To find a list of any over due health checks for your TNBI patients, go into the Health Checks folder and select the TNBI Health Checks subfolder. Right click and select run on a report to update the list of patients.

To view information about numbers of registered patients, go into the Registration folder and select the Demographics | Gender folder. Select the cohort you are interested in and right click and select run to update the report.

Patient Status Alert

There is a Patient Status Alert to go with these resources which will appear in the patient demographics box for any of these patients, the icon for this is shown below.