Last review date 03/02/2023

The 1 hour GP and ANPs session will focus on all of the useful Ardens resources we have for GPs, ANPs and also Pharmacists.

The following topics will be covered during this session:

General Consultation - triage, breast consultation, referral criteria, respiratory consultation including leaflets, peak flow diary and formulary, CVD consultation including HBPM diary, Wells DVT & CAD likelihood clinical assessments, psychosocial consultation including mood and memory assessments and the Mental Wellbeing Information leaflet

Paediatric Consultation - recording who brought the child in, reviewing missed appointments history, sepsis risk, child growth charts, adding readcodes, giving advice, issuing leaflets, bravery certificates and formulary 

Cancer Resources - Covering all the resources available within Ardens covering all the NG12 guidance.

Referral Forms - Accessing the Communications template where applicable and accessing referral forms including 2ww

LTC Templates- using the red star prompts to record QOF information, using formularies, accessing the 'QOF only template'

Death Documentation - adding death information, death certificate information and the merged, pre-populates cremation form ready for printing.  Coroner referral, verifying a death and after death analysis

Drug Monitoring - Accessing the various drug monitoring templates and finding patients with overdue tests

End of Life and Palliative Care - recording MDT reviews, GSF status, syringe driver/just in case medication and the pre-populates community drug chart ready for printing

Menopause Resources - Recording diagnosis, Assessments, HRT Formulary, HRT Risk Assessments, HRT Reviews

Contraception - Including Assessments and menstrual diaries, hormonal and LARC administration, UKMEC guidance

Cervical Smears - Including recording the procedure along with adding results and dealing with any follow up work

For a video guide, please click on the following link.