The Death Documentation template allows you to produce a cremation form electronically and then send via email. You'll find the Death Documentation template under auto consultations > ardens GENERAL > Death Documentation or as a link on the Reception & Administration template. You may also want to add the template to your F12 favourites

The video below gives an overview of how the template can be used from admin recording the details of the patient's death, to the GP producing the cremation form and also how you can track any cremation forms that you haven't yet received the fee.

The template is split into 8 tabs across the top, to make it easier to navigate to the area you wish to fill out:


Recording the Patient's death

A member of the Reception or Administration teams can use the Details tab of the 'Death Documentation' template to record the details for the Patient's death. This page is a quick way of capturing all necessary information and a useful prompt for the questions to ask where appropriate.

The 'Information' link next to 'Device Status' will take you through to the Devices & Implants tab where you can view if the patient has any of the listed devices in the box below. To return to the 'Details' tab once you have viewed this to continue filling out the rest of the information just click back on the 'Details' tab at the top.

You can also print out a handy 'Bereavement Info' leaflet for the relatives of the deceased which lists useful numbers for them to call to register the death etc. Just tick the box next to 'Bereavement counselling' to code you have given this, and click on the 'Bereavement Info' button next to this to launch this leaflet in word where you can print it out and save it to the record.

You can also inform the GP about the patient's death and whether t a cremation form needs to be done by either using the 'Send Task' button or adding to the 'Visits' screen.

There are also tick boxes at the bottom of the template to code that the MED A Form has been given to the family and/or sent to the Registrar.


The Verification tab allows you to record specific codes to clearly document the verification of the death of the patient. This is divided into 3 sections - 'Pre-Authorisation', 'Verification' and 'Covid-19'.

The 'Pre-Authorisation' section is where you can code if the patient is close to death and also record that a 'Verification of expected death agreement is documented'. There is a link to launch this Agreement in word to the right of this code, which you can save to the patient record, print out and sign. You can also record a DNACPR Status here if the patient doesn't already have one, and to the right of this is a link through to the Future Care Planning template where you can record more information on this if required.

The 'Verification' section has all the criteria to verify the patients death and record this onto the patients notes.

The 'Covid-19' section is where it can be recorded if Covid-19 may have affected the provision of an assessment on this patient or if anything had to be done remotely.


The 'Certfication' tab is divided into 3 sections - 'Criteria', 'MCCD' and 'Crem Form'.

The 'Criteria' section allows you to follow the Royal College of Pathologists pathway on when the attending physician is not available. Answer the relevant questions and the guidance will update below on who can complete the MCCD and/or the Crem Form. There is also a link to the side to the actual criteria this is based on.

The 'MCCD' section allows you to record the relevant codes on creating a Death Certificate and record the different causes of death, and the reasons for concluding the cause of death. 

Creating the Cremation form

The GP writing the cremation form can view the details that have been recorded at the previous stage by viewing the Tabbed Journal. 

The GP can then open the 'Death Documentation' template from auto consultations > ardens GENERAL or from F12 favourites and complete the 3. Certification and 4. Cremation parts of the template

Before clicking the 'New Crem Form' button to open the cremation form as a word document to print and /or email, please remember to click 'OK' on the template and re-open. This is to ensure that anything filled in in the 3. Certification and 4. Cremation sections are successfully merged into the document. To make this process as quick as possible and to avoid re-searching for the template or finding through auto consultations again. Please add the 'Death Documentation' template to your F12 favourites

You can now click on the 'New Crem Form' button to open the cremation form as a pre-completed form to print, take to the body and sign. The printed version will also include the Part 2 by default meaning this can be taken to the crematorium too to be signed by a second Practice

Find out how to add a digital signature in word. 

Emailing the Part 2 to your neighbouring Practice

To email an unsigned copy to your neighbouring Practice to inform them that a Part 2 needs to be done, you can click the 'Send by Email' button. This will then open up the cremation form you have just saved to the record in a window. You can then right click > Send via NHS Mail and select the neighbouring Practice from the address book (this will need to be added as an address book entry at your Practice). 

The receiving Practice can use this as notification that a Part 2 needs to be done and then call the sending Practice to discuss. The receiving Practice can either print the Part 2 and take it to the crematorium to sign or simply turn up to sign the Part 2 that the sending Pratice has printed and taken. This can of course be decided between GPs or decided as part of a local Practice policy.