The COPD template can be accessed in a patients record if they are already diagnosed by clicking on the lungs icon on the Patient Status Alert or through Auto-Consultation option, by clicking on Auto-Consultation - Ardens CONDITIONS RESPIRATORY - COPD.

Home Tab

The home tab will give you an overview of the patients COPD.  For more information on how to best use this screen please see our Home Tab Support Article for more information. 

Diagnosis Tab

If the patient is presenting with possible symptoms of COPD you can access the template through the Auto consultation button as detailed above.  Completing the Diagnosis Tab would allow you to code any suspect information gathered along with spirometry codes and the diagnosis code if applicable.

Review and Care plan

Please Note - Red Stars - QOF Codes Yellow Stars - Local Enhanced Services Codes

The review tab allows to complete a full review on your patient completing parts of the review that are applicable for the patient. 

The Nijmegen Hyperventilation questionnaire can be completed from the template along with MRC Grades, CAT Tests, Spirometry, GOLD Stage and Group, Inhaler Techniques videos that can be test or emailed to a patient.  Please see our Communications Annexe Support Article for more information. The COPD Drug Formulary is also available through the template following the latest guidance and also a COPD Care Plan can also be created at the bottom.

Please Note: For the Care Plan to populate your notes from today, first click OK at the bottom of the template, re-open and click on the Care Plan to create. 

Exacerbation and Follow up 

To record an Exacerbation click on the Exacerbation Tab.  In this tab you can record the Assessment, impression code and Management of the Exacerbation.  Any follow ups can be recorded on the follow up tab. 

You also have the referral and resources pages available on the template for any further referrals and patient self help information if required.  These resources can be sent to the patient following the guidance on the template.

For more information please watch the COPD presentation below: