The Learning Disabilities template can be accessed by clicking the 'chalkboard' icon under the Patient's name or by going to Auto Consultations > ardens CONDITIONS Mental Health > Learning Disabilities

It can also be added to your F12 Favourites for quick access.

The template is split into several tabs across the top, to make it easier to navigate to the area you wish to complete:

Home tab

The first tab gives you an overview of existing relevant information for this patient, including when they were first diagnosed with having a learning disability, when the last assessment was performed, the last 3 action plans for this patient, care plans and other things like safeguarding information.  If the patient has any Care Plans, it is possible to right click and print any completed Care Plans from this screen. A list of their current medication can also be found further down. This can also be interacted with - if you right click on any of the listed medication (and have the relevant access rights and permissions) you have the ability to Issue/re-prescribe, amend or stop the medication as appropriate.

For more information on how to best use the Home Tab please see our Home Tab in Templates guide.

Learning Disability Review

The Review tab allows you to record all the relevant codes for a Learning Disability review. Anything with a blue star next to it is linked to a DES payment code and therefore needed to be filled out if appropriate for the consultation.

The page is split into sections - Review, Planning, Records and Other.

The Review section allows you to record the code that you are performing a Learning disabilities annual health assessment at the top. As you work your way down, it allows you to record if there are any Safeguarding issues (with a link to the safeguarding template to the right of the drop down box) as well as if this patient has the mental capacity to consent to this health assessment or not. You then have the ability to code an Action plan, and then record specific text in the Patient action plan, Colleague action plan boxes. To the right of these free text boxes are buttons to either create a Short Action Plan or a Long Action Plan of your choosing, as well as a Colleague Plan. There is also the ability to record some Reasonable adjustments to cater for that patients care. 

There is also the drop down to record if a Personalised Care and Support plan has been agreed in the PCSP box - with a link to the right allowing you to access the PCSP template and fill out the relevant details on there.

The Planning section will allow you to record free text information if applicable on any Special Notes and Treatment Escalation Plans, as well as a drop down to record a resus status. Of course there are links to the specific templates for these things to the right of these boxes to record more detailed information if required.

Please Note: The Blue Stars relate to National Contract Payment codes and the Yellow Stars relate to Local Payment Codes if applicable.

Learning Disability Background

This tab has additional free texts boxes allowing the assessor to add any background comments on the patient and in turn an applicable code will be added to the patients record

 Learning Disability Support

The Support tab allows the assessor to add any additional care, education, housing, mobility, relationships, work and Care Team codes to the patients record.  Clicking on the pencil to the left of the selected code would allow the assessor to add any free text notes relating to that code.  There is also access to further templates on the right hand side if required.

Learning Disability Lifestyle & Wellbeing

This tab contains additional codes for areas such as Smoking, Exercise, Diet, Alcohol, Substance Misuse and Sexual Health.  As with all SystmOne templates, previous values selected for the patient in the past can be viewed on the far right hand side if required.

Learning Disability Physical Health

To record any ENT, Dental, cardio, respiratory, gastro, urinary, Gynae, MSK, neuro notes on a patient choose the applicable free text box and type in the box to add any comments.  If required please use the preset button next to the red <<CLICK sign to make adding comments quicker.  You can also see previous comments on the far right hand side.

Learning Disability Mental Health

Any Mental health codes or assessments that might be required can be accessed from this tab.

Learning Disability Screening 

In order to check if certain screenings have been completed or if you wish to send any invitations to the patient this tab can be used for this.  Please note that we have also useful easy reading guides for any patients that might wish a copy.

Learning Disability Drugs

This tab contains a list of the patients medication along with options to complete a Structured Medication Review if required.

Learning Disability Resources

The Learning Disability template along with all others has a resources tab allowing you to print or send applicable resources to patients.

Learning Disability Clinical Reports

NCD Contract Reports

In the Contracts 2023-24 NCD Folder in clinical reporting under the IIF folder you will find the annual health check report to see if your practice is completing health checks as along with Ethnicity done if over 14y.

Other Useful Learning Disability Reports

Under the Mental Health Conditions Performance Indicators, there are some useful reports looking at Learning Disability patients that haven't had different parts of their reviews completed as seen below:

The Case Finder reports in the Mental Health Conditions section may also be useful to help check if patients have been coded correctly.  Please see below: