National Contracts Disclaimer 

Accessing the template

You can use the 'search' function in bottom left of SystmOne and type SMI.  

It can also be added to your F12 favourites

It can also be accessed from the 'Long Term Conditions' template as part of the LTC Resources on Ardens.

The template includes useful links to further templates, safeguarding resources, care plans and more.


The home page shows a summary of relevant medical history for the patient. This includes diagnosis codes, recent numerics, lifestyle information and care plans. Further down, any drug monitoring alerts and relevant medication summary.   

Review - Mental Health 

RED stars - QOF requirements

Yellow/Blue Stars - Local or National contract requirements

Ensure the relevant 'Review' code is added at the top of the template - these codes will allow you to audit how many patients have had their SMI health check or declined/DNA.

Review section allows you to record who the patient was 'seen by' and if under the care of any other mental health services.

Record any free text with the Assessment field.

There are drop down fields with further links to other templates for recording any deliberate self harm/suicide risk.

There is a Safety Care Plan which can be completed and given to a patient to identify any triggers, allows you to add details of people they could contact for help and also lists other useful services.

The Mood and Memory section give links to the screening templates where you can access scores such as PHQ9 or 6CIT.

Impression section allows you to code the patients condition and there is a link to the Mental Health Act template which gives guidance to the different sections and relevant documentation.

Management section - add free text in the Plan boxes.  

Record any codes for signposting or referral to IAPT - the link to the right of this is a Wellbeing Leaflet listing local services in your area (must be using Ardens Plus or Pro package) as well as national services.

Medication review codes with a link to Ardens formularies for prescribing.

Record any Care Plan codes and generate the Care Plan by clicking the button to the right - 

NB: the document can be auto populated with information you have added in to the template, however before opening the care plan you will need to click 'OK' on the template or suspend. Once you have reopened the SMI template you can open the care plan which will pull through information you have already added.


Review - Physical Health tab

RED stars - QOF requirements

Yellow/Blue Stars - Local or National contract requirements

Ensure the relevant 'Review' code is added at the top of the template - these codes will allow you to audit how many patients have had their health check or declined/DNA.

Drop down fields directly next to the labels are for adding the status (smoking, alcohol etc.), to the right of each status the drop downs are for recording either advice given or any referrals to other services. The icons on the far right next to each of these fields are access to other templates for you to record any additional information (i.e. smoking cessation, alcohol screening, substance misuse etc.)

By clicking in to the boxes for adding observations (height, weight etc.) any previous entries will display in the yellow panel on the right side of the template.  You can add new entries into the boxes.

There are links to other templates that you may find useful; 

  • HBPM Diary, click to print a diary for patient to record BP results at home
  • Phlebotomy to view recent blood results and generate a new request using the electronic pathology link
  • A link to the Diabetes template if the patient is also diabetic
  • QRisk 2 or QRisk3 calculator
  • Influenza Imms for you to record if also giving the vaccination or a tick box just to record immunisation advised


Contains Hyperlinks to websites which can be copied and sent to patients (via SMS or email).

Reporting for NHSE

Reports are available for all of the components of the SMI review. These can be found in 

'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | 2021 22 | SMI HC

Data Extraction  

To easily submit your data to your CCG or NHSE:

  • Select all reports in the 'Q* 2021 22' folder and run all
  • Right click on any of the reports
  • Select 'Tables > Open as CSV'
  • Save it to a suitable location

Work to Do

'Work to do' reports are available in 'Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Contracts | 2021 22 | SMI HC > Q* 2021 22 Work to do'.  These reports cover the 6 measurements or data capture requirements in Part 2 of the health check core standards.