Last review date 18/12/2023

The Cervical Screening template can be found under Auto-Consultation > Ardens SCREENING > Cervical Cancer Screening.

Screening Tab

The screening tab is split into 5 sections; Screening, Invitation, Outcome, DNA and Overdue.

The Screening section has a web link to the NHS England Cervical Screening Programme Overview.

The Invitation section allows you use the appropriate codes regarding Advice and Invitation from the dropdown boxes.  The Annual Cervical Smear code can be used for patients that may require to have an annual cervical smear. Ticking this box will add the patient to the Screening | For Advice reports as seen below.

The Outcome section contains the relevant outcome codes such as the Reason, HPV Codes, Cytology Codes and Exception Codes.  

Please note: Each of these options has a Red Star next to them, which indicates that the codes within the drop-down boxes are QOF-related codes.   There is also a shortcut button to the Cervical Screening template if required, which can also be used to record any outcomes.

The DNA section allows you to send either Text, Email or post ad hoc invites for overdue Smear Tests.  If you wish to either test or email, it is possible to copy and paste the text next to each of the options if needed.

The Overdue section has a shortcut button to create an overdue smear letter.

Cease or Defer Tab

Please click on our Cease or Defer Support Article for more details.

To learn more about how to administer a Smear using the Ardens Resources, please refer to our Recording a cervical smear support article

Cervical Screening Reports

Please see our Cervical Screening Invites Article for more information.