The Ardens Acne template can be found under Auto-Consultation - Ardens Conditions DERMATOLOGY - Acne. If you wish to use this template often, you can also add it to your F12 favourites launcher for easy access.

The template is split into 4 tabs, Diagnosis, Consultation, Referral and Resources.

Diagnosis Tab

This tab allows you to select the patients severity and atypical diagnosis.  Ticking these options will add a read code to the patients record.

Consultation Tab

This tab is split into 3 sections: Assessment, Impression and Management.  

The Assessment section allows you to free text the History and Examination of the consultation along with the opportunity of using the Vitals and Lifestyle template along with completing the DLQI Scored Assessment and shortcuts to the Ardens Phlebotomy Template and the Ardens Swab template.

The Impression section contains 2 dropdown boxes allowing you to code both the Diagnosis and the Condition.

The Management section Allows you to add in the Consultation Plan, along with some preset options available on the icon next to the pencil.  There are also opportunities to add any advice codes along with a link to the Acne Formulary and the CHC Contraception template if applicable.

Referral Tab

The Referral section contains tick boxes of either Immediate Dermatology or Routine Dermatology diagnosis options for referrals along with an Action section ticking whether Criteria is met for a referral.  The Referral Review Template is also available on the right hand side if required.


This tab contains a bunch of acne resources that can be shared to the patient by either selecting the applicable hyperlink and printing the resources or using the Communication Annexe option on SystmOne to send it to the patient.