Ardens have created this template in response to the development of a new service whereby CAMHS clinicians will be assessing patients in the primary care setting.

This template can be located in the following ways:

  • Auto-consultation > ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS > Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service CAMHS
  • Use the left hand corner search bar in SystmOne (search for CAMHS)

This template can also be saved for quick access by adding to F12 favourites if using regularly.


The Home page shows any outstanding Network Contract DES requirements and a summary of relevant medical history for the patient. This includes any Mental Health diagnosis codes, recent results, lifestyle information and any care plans.  Further down, any drug monitoring alerts and relevant medication summary.  

See our Home page support article for further information.

Also at the top of this section allows you to add detail of the encounter such as telephone consultation etc. who the child was Seen with also Sharing consent.


This section simply allows you to add detail of how the patient was referred to CAMHS, if they are currently employed or still in education, who the patient lives with and their mental health history.

You can tick to record if the patient is currently under the care of any other services and the Care Team & Relationships link enables you to add the names & any contact details, any information added will show within Groups & Relationships node in SystmOne.


As with all Ardens templates the coding can be added via the labelled drop downs and relevant templates embedded alongside each of these to access other useful tools or add anything more specific for that particular heading, which saves having to exit the current template and find another.  

So alongside Mood & Anxiety you'll find links to scored assessments such as PHQ questionnaires & GAD Scale.

If needed also a link to Audit C via the Alcohol Screening template and also to record any Substance Misuse.

If the patient is at risk of deliberate self harm or suicide risk there is a template available where you can record risk factors, questions you can ask around DSH or suicide and if any risk of harm to others. Within this template there is a also a link to the Mental Health Act template if needed.

The Abuse Risk Assessment enables you to add codes and detail around drugs/alcohol/violence in household and type of abuse such as domestic, neglect, sexual abuse etc.

There is also a safeguarding Risk Assessment template showing any previous safeguarding coding in the record. 

The full Safeguarding template is also available if needed.


There is a selection of codes to choose from within the Impression section.  

The Management section will allow you to record a medication review done, signposting or referral to other services.  Again these have the relevant templates linked alongside to make it easier to add more detail or use other SystmOne functions.

Lifestyle will simply allow you to record Alcohol/Diet/Exercise/Smoking/Weight etc. there are also useful resources within the template for you to send to the patient.

The SystmOne Find Co-habitants function is included here for you to search for others living at the same address.

The Drug Review template will show current and past medications, includes SMR code and allows you to record a full medication review.

The Mental Wellbeing Leaflet is available as a Word document which lists Child and Young People Wellbeing services in the local area (if using Ardens Pro package) or National services.

Crisis Plan

This is a Word document available for you to open & complete with the patient. Use the document to list people who the patient can contact for help, triggers that cause self-harm or suicidal thoughts, what they can do to help prevent these thoughts, list any early warning signs and how they can keep themselves safe.

Care Plan

The New Care Plan is also a Word document that will merge through any text you've added within the Care Plan and/or the Crisis Plan free text boxes.

N.B. In order for the document to pull through any new detail added you will need to click 'Ok' on the template or suspend before opening the document.

Once you have reopened the template you can launch the Care Plan which will ensure the latest information added will be merged through.

There are presets available along side the Crisis Plan free text box for frequently typed text, click on the preset button (notepad icon) and add 1 or multiple lines of text by pressing & holding Ctrl on the keyboard and using mouse to select. The text can be edited once added to the template.

The Follow-Up template will show any current booked appointments/visits, outstanding Tasks & any Recalls.

If needing to book a further appointment there is a link to the Appointment Ledger, Creating a Task, adding a new Recall etc.  

The little icons on the right side of the template are useful links to:


The Resources tab contains useful website links with information that can be sent to a patient via text/email by copying & pasting the link in to Send Message.