Last review date 03/02/2023

The Care Team and Relationships template can be found on the Reception and Administration template either under Auto-Consultations > ardens OTHER PROFESSIONALS, by clicking on the Reception and Admin button on the tool bar or it can be added as a shortcut to F12 for quick access.

This template can be used to record patient information regarding Carers, Social Services, who the patient is under the care of, housing information, and occupation.  Under each of these categories will be the relevant read codes.

Under Record it is also possible to record the patients named GP through the Named GP template.  This template will allow the user to change the patient's registered and usual GP along with the relevant read codes updating this information.

It is also possible to update the patient's family and professional relationships by clicking on one of the relevant buttons. Each of these options will open a protocol to select the appropriate relationship type. The following screen will also be available to complete.

Choosing a patient cared for at this organisation will open the search box to find the relevant registered patient and there is an option to add reciprocal relationship onto the other patient, such as Mother and Son.

Choosing someone else (record a textual relationship) will allow the end user to update the persons details manually.

On both of these options it is possible to record other relationship information such as next of kin and power of attorney.

For more information on using this functionality please refer to the F1 help on SystmOne.

Don't forget to OK the template and Save the record when completed.