The Gout template can be found under Auto Consultation > ARDENS Conditions E to L > Gout.

You can also add this to your F12 favourites if you wish to use this regularly.

The Gout template is split between 5 tabs: Home, Acute, Review, Referral, Resources.


This tab gives you lots of useful information regarding the condition including previous codes, numerical information and medication.  Please see our Home Tab Support Article for more information.


This tab is made up of 3 sections; Assessment, Impression and Management.

Assessment - This section allows you to free text the History and Examination on the record with also useful numeric options such as BP, Urate - serum, plasma, and Tophi drop down options.

Impression - The Diagnosis and Condition codes can be recorded in this section.

Management - The Plan can be recorded along with useful advice tick boxes, a leaflet given code along with a link to the Gout Resources tab and Medication options including a link to the Drug Review template and the Acute Gout formulary.


The Review tab allows you to record any Gout Review codes along with an option to code CVD Assessment and Renal along with links to the corresponding templates.  A link to the Lifestyle template and the opportunity to use the ULT Formulary template to prescribe and Gout Prevention meds.


The Referral tab allows you to work through the tick boxes related to reasons to seek specialist advice.  The Action section allows you to tick is the  Criteria had been met


This tab allows you to send through the Communication Annexe  or print any useful resources for the patient to take away with them.