Ardens has created a variety of resources to assist with identifying patients who may have Rheumatoid Arthritis and to support their ongoing management once diagnosed. 


The Ardens Rheumatoid & Inflammatory Arthritis clinical template has been designed to standardise consultations, ensuring clinicians are following the latest national guidelines and recording accurate coding of data. 

Access the template in one of the following ways:

  • Go to Auto-Consultation > ARDENS Conditions MSK and RHEUMATOLOGY>  Rheumatoid and Inflammatory Arthritis
  • Use the search bar bottom left of SystmOne
  • If the patient has a current diagnosis, click the icon  in the demographics box below the patients name & address

To save as a favourite add to F12 favourites for quick access. 


The Home page provides a summary of relevant medical history, including any MSK coding, recent imaging, current medication, vitals etc. 


If you suspect Rheumatoid Arthritis, the patient should be referred for specialist assessment, whilst waiting for the assessment you may consider various initial investigations.  The ?Possible Rheumatoid & Inflammatory Arthritis template suggests investigations you may wish to perform.


Alternatively a Diagnosis code can added via the drop down menu and will add the patient to the QOF register.


All Rheumatoid Arthritis patients should have a face-to-face review at least once every year, the Review page ensures you are coding that this has taken place as well as providing the clinician with sections to record information around the patient’s perspective, medication and complications.

Red Star - QOF requirements

Yellow Star - Local enhanced services requirements


Ticking the Annual review box will add the QOF code Rheumatoid arthritis annual review (XaZdB) (SNOMED: 847261000000104)

As with all Ardens templates the coding can be added via the labelled drop downs and relevant templates embedded alongside each of these to access other useful tools or add anything more specific for that particular heading, which saves having to exit the current template and find another. 


BP, DAS and HAQ are numerical fields and clicking in to any of these will display all historical results in the yellow pane to the right side of the template, you can also type in manually to record a new result.

Click in to the templates to the right of these to calculate the score. Vitals will allow you to add additional information such as height, weight, HR, smoking status etc.

The Complications hyperlink simply navigates to the Complications page at the top of the template.

Within this page is a link to the Anaemia template which shows recent results & reference ranges (remember to click in to the blood result field to see all results on right side of template).

Links to other templates also include CVD Review, Depression screening template which provides PHQ questionnaires and Osteoporosis Risk template.


There are presets available along side the Plan free text box for frequently typed text, click on the preset button (notepad icon) and add 1 or multiple lines of text by pressing & holding Ctrl on the keyboard and using mouse to select. The text can be edited once added to the template. 

Tick to record advice given on how to manage flares, physio + occupational therapy.  Use the little pencil icon to add your own text.

Next to the Medication Review tick box is a link to the Rheumatoid & Inflammatory Arthritis or Analgesia formulary for prescribing medication in line with NICE guidance.

For any steroid injections given you'll also find the Injections & Aspirations template at the bottom for convenience.

The little icons towards the bottom right of the template are useful shortcuts either to other templates or SystmOne functions. 

  • Ardens Follow-up template
  • Create a task
  • Ardens drug review template
  • SystmOne prescribing (drug browser)
  • Quick print
  • Ardens QOF Rheumatoid Arthritis template

The QOF template will display any outstanding alerts for the patient, shows the QOF indicators for the current financial year and exception codes, along with invite coding.


Contains links with information that can be sent to a patient via text/email by copying & pasting the link in to Send Message


There are numerous reports to look at Activity, Safety Alerts, Case finders, Performance Indicators & Registers as well as Prescribing reports.

Go to Clinical Reporting > Reporting > Select the Ardens Ltd folder > Conditions I MSK and Rheumatology:

  • Activity Last Month
  • Alerts
  • Case Finders
  • Performance Indicators
  • Registers

Prescribing reports can be found by going to the Ardens Ltd folder > Prescribing. There are both alerts & drug monitoring reports in this section.