The Ardens Sexual Health template allows the detailed recording of a patient’s sexual health and status, in relation to a wide range of potential diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections.

Access the template in one of the following ways:

  • Go to Auto-Consultation > ARDENS GENERAL >  Sexual Health
  • Use the search bar bottom left of SystmOne
  • Embedded within relevant Ardens templates such as Contraception

To save as a favourite add to F12 favourites for quick access.  

As with all Ardens templates the coding can be added via the labelled drop downs and relevant templates embedded alongside each of these to access other useful tools or add anything more specific for that particular heading, which saves having to exit the current template and find another.

The Consultation page has several separate headings which allows the detailed recording of Background, Sexual History, Contraception, STIs, Screening, Safeguarding & Referral.

Blue star - required for enhanced services, tick if applicable (report available, see bottom of page).

The Transgender, Non-binary + Intersex and Gillick & Fraser Guidelines are embedded if needed.

Pregnancy coding is available with a calendar to record Date of LMP. Pregnancy Likelihood gives criteria and Pregnancy test coding.

Complete detail of any Sexual History, there is a link to the Swab template to record relevant codes for any swabs taken, within this template is a link to ICE/T-Quest - New Electronic Pathology Request (blue bottle icon). You can also look at any previous results, click on the Results tab at the top of the template.

Just below, Vitals & Lifestyle is available if needing to record any BP, Height, Weight etc. 

Record any Contraception used with a link to the full Contraception template (includes Emergency Contraception).

STI risk has a link to the STI + BBV Screening template for relevant coding and Patient Information Leaflets available as hyperlinks. If a BBV Risk Assessment is required, there is a link to complete this at the top of the list. Again there is a link to ICE/T-Quest (blue bottle icon) top right.

 You can prescribe STI medications such as Chlamydia from the Formulary

There are also separate links to Safeguarding Risk Assessment which shows any relevant coding in the record or Safeguarding template.

Any referral or signposting to Sexual Health Clinic can be coded at the bottom.  There is a Lifestyle Wellbeing information leaflet available as a Word document.  This will list local services (if using Ardens Pro package) or national services.


This page simply enables free text linked to specific read codes.


There are a number of Sexual Health reports available, go to:

Reporting > Clinical Reporting > click on the Ardens Ltd folder and select Contracts | 2022 23 (or current CFY) | Local Contracts

Sexual Health: Chlamydia screening if 15-24y

Sexual Health: Enhanced service done

Sexual Health: Enhanced service done + doxycycline or azithromycin given

Sexual Health: Enhanced service done + emergency oral contraception given

Sexual Health: Register - Age 15 - 24y